4 Tips for B2C Companies on LinkedIn

Think LinkedIn advertising is just for B2B companies? Au contraire – It just might be the biggest B2C opportunity you aren’t taking advantage of. With 189 million monthly active users as well as executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is chock full of influential, affluent, and educated consumers.


Here are four ways that B2C companies can get the most out of LinkedIn advertising:


  • Showcase your best content. With rich targeting capabilities and a highly engaged audience, LinkedIn is a content marketer’s dream. Keep in mind that most people use LinkedIn for professional development and job searches, and your content should fit that context, too. A clothing retailer, for example, could share tips on how to dress for an interview, while a financial services company might sponsor an update about maximizing your 401k elections.

  • Connect with journalists. Because LinkedIn lets you target your ads by company and job title, it’s a great way for B2C companies to reach journalists at target publications. Because your target audience is so small, it’s also very inexpensive. Pitch emails often get buried – adding a short, compelling sponsored update to your audience’s LinkedIn feed will increase your odds of getting noticed.

  • Recruit new rockstars. LinkedIn isn’t just for selling your products and services. One of the top ways B2C companies use the platform is to find new talent. You can target hard-to-find skill sets, job titles, industries, and even employees at specific companies to find the perfect candidate.

  • Focus on high-end products. LinkedIn users are more affluent and educated than average US consumers, making it an ideal test market for luxury and lifestyle brands, especially brands that matter both personally and professionally, such as electronics, clothing, telecom, and financial services.


Ultimately, it helps to remember that LinkedIn professionals are consumers, too – they buy cars, computers, houses, and groceries. While LinkedIn advertising isn’t necessarily right for every company, B2C brands shouldn’t automatically write it off, either.

Are you a B2C company who advertises on LinkedIn? Share your story in the comments!