5 Signals to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Most marketers rely on data and analytics to guide strategic decisions about who to target, when and where. Often, these critical data points include things like demographics, consumer buying history, and search history.  

But, there are tons of sources of data out there that marketers aren’t using — data points that provide a treasure trove of useful information about real-time trends. Marketers can use this information to create contextually relevant ads, which ultimately resonate better with consumers than standard, cookie-cutter messaging.

Here are five data signals you may not have thought to use for marketing:

1. Transit Delays – Pay attention to what’s going on around your customers. If public transportation systems are delayed during the morning commute, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to understand what ads would resonate with them at that moment. For example, coffee shops near busy train stops can push out ads promoting their free Wifi. Coffee + internet = what every stressed out morning commuter needs.

2. Local Crime Statistics – Take advantage of publicly available information like crime statistics. If car thefts rise in a specific region during a certain time of year, insurance companies can send out notifications to customers encouraging them to take steps to avoid theft, and make sure they have an insurance plan in place just in case. Customers will appreciate the warning, and see your brand as an expert source of knowledge.

3. Flu Data – Another piece of publicly available information is seasonal flu activity. Retail stores can easily determine which days/months are the riskiest times for the public, and push promotions for relevant flu fighting products like medicine, tissues, anti-bacterial hand lotion, and more. These ads are contextually relevant, and serve the greater good.

4. Sports Scores – Every season is sports season. Restaurants and bars can take advantage of a big local sporting event, by offering special promotions if the home team wins. Fans are in a good mood, and ready to spend their dollars on a victory brewski.  

5. Competitors’ TV Ads – Marketers spend a lot of time analyzing their competitor’s products and marketing efforts. Why not makes things a little easier, and automate online advertisements to run at the exact moment your competitor runs a TV ad? Today, 88 percent of consumers use mobile phones while they watch television, 53 percent of them to look at social networks. So combat your competitors TV marketing efforts by reaching the same audience online, at the same time.

And there are definitely more where these came from. In fact, we’ve compiled 23 of them into one Idea Book for you to check out.