Amazon Continues to Grow with OTT Advertising

From the rebranding of Amazon Advertising to the decision to increase the amount of paid ads throughout its ecosystem and the augmentation of its over-the-top (OTT) advertising technology, Amazon continues to speak to advertisers. As the third-largest digital ad platform in the US, Amazon is also reaping the benefits. In a world consumed by digital, savvy advertisers should keep Amazon Advertising, including its OTT advertising offering, in the highest regard now and in the future. With OTT ad spending forecasted to hit $2 billion in 2019, failing to commit now will put you behind the pack. 

If we open the aperture to look at digital’s influence on entertainment, Amazon’s push to grow through OTT makes sense. And from the looks of it, its loyal followers are on board. According to eMarketer, not only will OTT gain adoption among viewers (with OTT viewing time approaching live TV), but Fire TV will be one of the players leading that charge. In fact, with 37 million monthly active users, Fire TV is now the leading OTT platform.

OTT & Its Quest for Entertainment Dominance

-The number of subscription OTT video service viewers will equate to 51.7% of the US population by the end of 2018.

-Approximately 60% of young adults say the primary way they watch television is through streaming services.

-Adults in the US now spend ~6 hours per day watching video content.

So, not only does Amazon’s commitment to OTT make sense for its business, but it also makes sense for advertisers. 

Getting Started with Amazon OTT Advertising

Advertisers can access Amazon OTT advertising inventory through the Amazon DSP (formerly Amazon Advertising Platform)—a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically reach their target audience across Fire TV’s growing inventory.

Amazon’s OTT offering also includes inventory on the newly released IMDb TV, a free, ad-supported video channel available on the IMDb website and on Amazon Fire TV devices.

Amazon OTT Advertising Inventory

Source: Amazon

Linking through Amazon’s technology, either directly or with a partner with access to the Amazon DSP, advertisers can scale their voice to a hyper-targeted audience in a brand-safe environment.

Through visually stunning, full-screen ads, Amazon’s making it easy to go beyond traditional demographic targeting. And if you ask us, the real kicker with Amazon is that the same audience and in-market data that makes targeting elsewhere throughout its ecosystem so powerful and sought after is available through Fire TV’s advertising offerings.

As the digital world continues to develop, diversifying media to cover the gamut of what’s available will remain a challenging, albeit necessary initiative. When it comes to OTT video advertising, not including it in a media mix will limit overall market exposure. It’ll also prevent ad dollars from reaching an audience with purchase intent, who have an affinity to browse and consume relevant content that interests them.

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