Sponsored Products Are Key to Driving Sales on Amazon

Amazon has a lot going for it—namely, reaching some of the most active shoppers in the world—but blindly throwing your product on the site and hoping for the best won’t get it done. With over 2.5 million products sold on Amazon and purchase potential dropping when you get past the first three search result pages, you need a way to guarantee placement. As Amazon’s share of search ad dollars rise, this need will only intensify. Amazon Sponsored Products can help. 

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products help consumers discover and purchase products sold on Amazon through ads that appear in the search results and on product pages. When someone clicks a Sponsored Product, they’ll go to the product’s detail page where the offer is listed. To get started, choose the product you want to advertise and select the keywords and/or products you want to target.

Pro Tip: Since Sponsored Product ads won’t serve unless your product is winning the Buy Box, it’s important to stay on top of customer reviews and star ratings, which contribute to whether your products are winning the Buy Box. By providing an excellent customer experience by shipping products quickly and addressing customer feedback, you will ultimately improve your overall product ratings. 

Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search) consist of your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three products. To generate recognition and discovery of your brand and product portfolio, Sponsored Brands appear in the search results. If someone clicks on a specific product image, they’ll be taken directly to the product’s detail page. If they click on the hero image or ad copy, they’ll be taken to a customized landing page, such as a Store. 

Pro Tip: Even the best Sponsored Brands won’t succeed if they aren’t getting in front of the right people or dropping too far on search results pages. To improve your chances of securing the best placements in front of shoppers ready to buy, optimize headlines based on keyword insights and customer reviews. For example, if you notice a trend of positive reviews, identify the common theme and alter the headline to highlight it.

Amazon Sponsored Brands


Stores give you a free way to promote your brand and brand story on Amazon. Since you create Stores using drag-and-drop tiles or pre-designed templates (using Amazon’s free tools or professional creative teams), you gain an extra layer of control without losing the power of Amazon Advertising. 

Pro Tip: Only one seller can win the “Buy Now” box at a time. Give yourself the best chance by making sure the Brand Owner or the Store is featuring products based on their availability and that you meet the behind-the-scenes requirements from Amazon.

Amazon Stores

Amazon Advertising is booming, and businesses are jumping on board. In fact, despite Amazon Advertising’s relatively nascent status, eMarketer expects Amazon’s worldwide digital ad revenue to increase by more than 50% in 2019. Couple that promising growth with the initial success of Amazon Advertising, and you have a new ad platform that’s positioned to produce huge returns for years to come.

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