Benchmark Your Performance
Understanding how your digital processes and performance compare with others is a critical part of brand management. Monitor industry changes and market performance by tracking engagement and fan growth for you and your competitors.

Set up your Brand Portfolio account to start anticipating threats and stay ahead of the competition.
Build Better Media Plans
Understanding consumer behavior is essential for creating better media plans. With Audience Matrix and Expander, you can:

  • Identify your target audience’s interests
  • Project reach and costs based on select terms
  • Gain deep insights on demographic characteristics

Take advantage of premium features and extended network coverage to increase the effectiveness of your future social campaigns.
Determine Your Perfect Target Audience
Researching your ideal target audience is an important aspect of developing well-targeted campaigns and solid content strategies. Define key audience parameters in Audience Matrix and discover:

  • Social users who engage with your brand
  • Detailed demographic profile of your customers
  • Potential customers who are interested in your competitors

Gather demographic and psychographic insights from the leading online social networks, and identify your ideal target audience.
Analyze Your Competitors
Identifying your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is critical for developing more effective campaigns and strategies. With Brand Portolios, you can:

  • Compare competitors on Facebook and Twitter to your brand & other brands
  • Analyze brand fan growth and engagement over time with Brand Portfolios
  • Improve content strategy by identifying the most engaging competitor brand posts

Analyze your competitor's strategies and performance and accelerate your growth.