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Azalea Audience Exchange

Build and grow your first party data capabilities across social by enabling your trusted partners to browse and activate on your first party data, all while maintaining visibility and control.

Share & Control

Share first party audiences safely with your partners across social channels. Work with multiple partners, monetize your data, and ensure you always know where and how your data is being used.

Usage & Billing

Turnkey usage measurement and billing. Stop relying on self reported usage metrics and ensure you have the visibility you need to bill properly.

Creation & Management

Easily create and manage cross-channel audiences, and assess the value of those audiences through robust audience insights.

Simple, Powerful View of Your Audiences

With our unified audience view, you can review, manage and share your own audiences, and accept and assign audiences your partners have shared with you.

Audience Exchange allows you to tag your audiences for quick filtering, share them easily, see who you’ve shared audiences with, create new audiences from the pages you manage, and import audiences from CSV, all across the biggest social channels.

Streamlined Billing and Reporting

Audience owners can set their default pricing model for their audiences and then tailor it based on their partnership agreements.

Partners know what they’re going to be billed up front, and audience usage between partners is clearly detailed in our generated reports, ensuring everyone knows what to expect and no one is surprised.

Create, Import, and Manage Your Audiences

Import your CSVs, create from pages, import from Facebook; however you’re getting your audiences, Azalea can help you analyze what you have and broaden your reach.

Start building your audience exchange today.

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