Woman beauty influencerEmployee Influencers
August 25, 2022

Getting Started with Employee Brand Influencers

The rise of social media, and people who have gained a following from it, has taught many enterprises that influencers can help drive brand awareness and sales. While this could…
Video Advertising
September 26, 2019

Navigating 3 Common Challenges of CTV Advertising

We live in a world dominated by Connected TV (CTV), e.g., a TV connected to the internet through built-in internet capability or through another device such as a game console.…
January 10, 2023

Looking Ahead: What Will Transform the Social Media and Creator Space in 2023?

Every year, something new and exciting emerges in the social media space. In 2016, TikTok was introduced, but it wasn’t until a global pandemic hit that it became the social…
Social media profile page in smartphone screen at work. Woman looking at feed, status update or post with mobile phoneCampaign StrategyEmployee Influencers
September 22, 2022

Why Authentic Social Media Content is Crucial for Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it, the days of perfectly curated content are over. Instead, it’s now all about capturing and embracing authentic, everyday moments in the form of photos and videos that…