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Live Video Streaming: Is Facebook Live Threatening Periscope’s Reign?

We all know that live video streaming has become the latest battlefield for digital advertisers, competing for both audiences and revenue across multiple channels and platforms as they continue to evolve. According to a recent IAB study, nearly 70% of marketers think that digital video ... Read More

Brand Networks Named to Pinterest’s UK Partner Program

This month, Pinterest announced the launch of Promoted Pins in the United Kingdom. Today, we are excited to announce that our award-winning, cross-channel social advertising software and services are available to UK-based brands ... Read More

Facebook Messenger Ads: 3 Predictions for the Future

Here are three words in response to the fear-mongers in the media predicting that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will soon be crawling with unwelcome ads that disrupt users who are simply trying to chat with friends and family: Personal. Contextual. Relevant. Read More

The Rewards of a Great Partnership

We’re proud of our partnership with Domain Group, one of Australia's leading multiple-platform real estate destinations. This sense of fulfillment continues to build as we announce that our work has also won an Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award ... Read More