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Four Tips to Get More out of Your Pinterest Advertising Strategy

As a digital advertising channel, Pinterest is still relatively new to the market. The first test run of Promoted Pins took place in October 2013, and was limited to a small group of advertisers––which all native platforms tend to do at first. ... Read More

Local Relevance is the Future of Facebook for National Brands

New research suggests that 45% of online Americans currently keep in touch with local businesses by following them on Facebook. In line with this fact, Facebook has made multiple changes to its Business Pages this year, improving them for ... Read More

Instagram Advertising: 5 Steps to a Successful Launch

The word is out. The digital marketing community has heard about the opportunity awaiting brands on Instagram, and this week, eMarketer has new projections estimating that the number of companies using Instagram ... Read More

Fresh Google Ad Tech Brings New Dimension Of Relevance

Almost 15 years ago, Google launched its AdWords business, revolutionizing the world of Web advertising and liberating users from the uninformed digital Stone Age. AdWords gave advertisers the power of context by offering ... Read More

The Ad-Blocking War Will Leave Us Stronger

Tech innovation is a blood sport, and the fight for digital ad quality and deliverability has taken center stage in the minds of many advertisers, publishers and ad-tech providers this week. With the arrival of support for ad-blocking software ... Read More