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The What, Why, and How of Augmented Reality Advertising

Augmented reality is doing what I expected: pushing the boundaries of consumerism. To no surprise, you and other savvy advertisers are intrigued—according to eMarketer, ad spending on augmented reality will grow from…

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How Amazon Diversifying its Business Portfolio is Good for Advertisers

We’ve become immune to news of Amazon disrupting long-standing industries with acquisition after acquisition—Amazon spent $1.65 billion on acquisitions in 2018, headlined by Ring and PillPack. The year before, Amazon acquired…

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How Ad Inventory and Audience Data Make Amazon Advertising Powerful for Non-Endemic Brands

Since the arrival of Amazon Advertising, there’s been a misconception that it only makes sense for endemic brands, i.e., if you sell something on the platform. That’s not true. Yes, some…

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Take Amazon Advertising Up a Notch with Product Audiences

Despite the initial success of Amazon Advertising, the online giant is adding more firepower. This time with Product Audiences, which add a layer of targeting customization you can use to…

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Navigating 3 Common Challenges of CTV Advertising

We live in a world dominated by Connected TV (CTV), e.g., a TV connected to the internet through built-in internet capability or through another device such as a game console.…

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What Amazon Is Doing about Brand Safety

As more brand safety concerns rise to the top of programmatic’s waters, advertisers’ cries for a safe place to advertise will grow in intensity. For the myriad of ad platforms…

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How Google Campaign Manager Streamlines Measurement and Attribution

Advertisers are turning their attention to cross-channel measurement and attribution to bridge the gap and find holistic insights into how different channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Search Ads 360 are…

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The 5 Pillars of a Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter what you sell or where you sell it or who you sell it to—people rely on the digital world throughout their purchase journey. There’s no avoiding it.…

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Instagram Advertising Research 2018: No Longer Facebook’s Kid Brother

Since our first Instagram advertising report in 2015, Instagram’s advertising ecosystem has matured to great lengths. On the advertising front, advertisers have seen Instagram Stories (and corresponding ads) as well as Instagram Shopping support extended…

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Demographic Targeting VS Persona Targeting on Social

Imagine you’re given the option to buy a gift for one of two strangers using only the following information: Person A MaleSingleBetween the ages of 24 – 53Lives in MassachusettsMakes…

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