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Brand Networks Selected as Launch Partner for LinkedIn Certified Sponsored Updates API

        Brand Networks is thrilled to announce that we are now one of five LinkedIn Certified Sponsored Updates Partners. LinkedIn enables marketers to build customer relationships on the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. By delivering relevant content to the feed using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, marketers can better raise the profile of their brands, drive quality leads, and target an audience of professionals looking for relevant information and insights. Sponsored Updates are one reason more business marketers use LinkedIn for content distribution than any other social … Read More »

The Four E's of Content Value

      Every time someone visits their Facebook News Feed, there are on average  1,500 potential pieces of content they could see. While paying for reach can help raise the visibility of your content, all the message exposure in the world won’t make a difference if you’re not grabbing people’s attention or driving them to click.   Content still reigns as king. While proper media allocation and targeting can get your message in front of the right people, it’s what you’re actually saying that makes all the difference when it comes to the success of both organic and paid posts.   As we all know, s… Read More »

The Boston Marathon: Today We Are All Connected

        Every day we come to work with one overarching goal, to build connections. For us this typically means creating a relationship between brands and consumers through social media. But, once in a while, we’re reminded just how vast the definition of a ‘’connection” truly is. Human to human, human to city, city to world.   What is The Boston Marathon, if not one giant connection? Every year thousands of runners take to Hopkinton, hoping to bridge the connection between a line on the ground there, to one 26.2 miles away on Boylston. Through practice, endurance, and an overwhelming outpour… Read More »

The Friday Five - 4/14 - 4/18

          Welcome to the Friday Five, our weekly rundown of social media and digital marketing stories that got us thinking this week.     Finding friends (literally) just got even easier. Facebook's new "Nearby Friends" feature lets users opt-in to have their friends see approximately how far away they are, and vice versa. As of now, Facebook says this info will not be used for advertising.  (via TechCrunch)   Hold on to your smartphones Tweeps, a whole new feature is coming your way. Advertisers can now buy mobile app install and app engagement ads on Twitter. (via AdAge)  … Read More »

5 Tips for Eye Catching Native Ads on Facebook

    Just 17% of all of website page views last longer than four seconds. While time spent on Facebook is significantly longer, the fact remains, users have a very short attention span. Eight seconds, if you want to be exact. Heck, the average office worker checks their email inbox 30 times every hour, and you want them to focus on your content?   It may seem like we are fighting a losing battle, but luckily there are a number of ways to combat the quick-to-stray eyes of consumers. On Facebook, native ads, or ads that appear in-line with a page’s content, can be an ideal tool for capturing the … Read More »

8 Ways to Make Your Brand More Human

      Marketers are constantly fighting for attention in the feed, and the competition is nothing short of fierce. Friends and brands alike push to be seen, striving to rise above the clutter of what others have to say. To make matters worse, consumers are increasingly frustrated when ads do break through, but provide little to no value.   Advertisers need to shift their thinking. Gone are the days of billboards and magazines, designed to appeal to the masses. To successfully sell on social, marketers must now forego traditional, broad advertising approaches, and instead leverage personalizati… Read More »

White Paper: Data-In and Data-Out Drive Success on Social

    Marketers are becoming increasingly reliant on Social Relationship Platforms (SRPs), and it's not hard to understand why. These tools allow users to streamline workflows, letting them manage a variety of aspects surrounding content and media by integrating with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a variety of other social channels.   While these platforms are growing in popularity, many marketers are still left wondering if they're really worth the investment. Do these platforms really help inform strategy? Can they produce actionable information for future campaigns? For many, the answer is n… Read More »

The Friday Five - 4/7 - 4/11

        Welcome to the Friday Five, our weekly rundown of social media and digital marketing stories that got us thinking this week.   "Like" this if you hate spam! Facebook is targeting Like-baiting, frequently circulated content, and spammy links to reduce the amount of spam in the Newsfeed. Marketers beware, the language you may have used in the past could work against you now. (via AllFacebook)   You're not the only one getting a new wardobe for spring. Twitter revealed their profile page redesign this week, providing pages with a much more visual look and several new funct… Read More »

Twitter’s Redesign - What Does it Mean for Brands?

        You’re not the only one updating your spring wardrobe. Today, Twitter announced that they would be widely rolling out a new look in the form of updated profile pages. While Twitter has been traditionally considered a mobile-first platform, this shift in page design could hint at a larger strategic move to migrate users over to desktop. Only time will tell if desktop usage increases, but regardless, brands should be ready to make the most of these aesthetic updates.     A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tweets - Images continue to gain prominence with the new design, as headers and profile… Read More »

Food Fight: Who's Winning the Breakfast Battle on Social?

      It all started with a waffle taco. Then came the commercials. And before you know it, Taco Bell was staging an all out war on McDonald's, pitting breakfast against breakfast, leaving nothing but a maple syrup soaked battlefield in their wake. Not one to be outdone, McDonald’s quickly responded with a Facebook post of their own, and before you could hit your snooze button, all-round social media breakfast food fight was underway.   As the free-coffee slinging golden arches continue to battle the chihuahua-toting taco lovers, one question remains; who’s the big winner in the battle for fa… Read More »