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How Does Facebook’s CPC Bidding Work?

At Brand Networks, we’ve seen recurring confusion among social advertisers around bidding strategies and the role they play in Facebook’s ad auctions. In particular, cost-per-click (CPC) bidding has been a source of… Read More

Get the Most From Your TV-Synced Social Advertising

When Brand Networks pioneered TV-synced social advertising in 2013 with our Open Signals technology, our mission was to help digital advertisers deliver integrated, real-time, multi-touch campaigns combining the first and second… Read More

Facebook’s Brand Awareness Objective Explained

In the past, driving brand awareness through Facebook posed interesting measurement challenges. Brands were left with click-through rate (CTR), engagement rate (ER), and impressions as the benchmarks for success—proof that “brand awareness”… Read More

Facebook Messenger: Revolutionary Customer Service Made Easy

The long-standing and deep-rooted fragmentation of the consumer-brand relationship combined with today’s mobile-first society, is paving the way for Facebook Messenger and customer service to become a natural extension of traditional means… Read More