Brand Networks Voted One of Rochester’s Top Places to Work


Since our founding, Brand Networks has been helping the world’s most successful brands and agencies harness the power of digital advertising. In the beginning, that meant social, but as the online world grew, so did we. Over a decade later, social is still infused into our DNA, but we’ve evolved to tap into other powerhouses, like Amazon Advertising, programmatic display, and video options like OTT.

Throughout it all, one element has never changed: Rochester, New York.

Founded jointly in the Flower City and Boston, Rochester has long served as Brand Networks’ center of technical excellence, propelled by an unmatched talent pool of tech minds from local institutions like the University of Rochester and RIT.

As the engine that drives the Brand Networks forward, keeping fuel levels stable has relied on attracting the best. As Rochester’s Innovation District continues to grow, the only way to do that is by offering an equally attractive place to work.

That’s why we called High Falls home for our first chapter—it was central to everything we love about Rochester. We took that environment inside as well, giving our team everything they need to succeed, including an open concept workspace, full access to snacks and beverages, and plenty of ways to relax and take mental breaks.

In late 2018, with the feedback from our employees, we packed up and headed down the road, relocating to Tower280, which is at the center of Rochester’s tech resurgence. Although our location changed, our commitment to culture and community remained at the core. That will never change.

According to Matt Osborne, Senior HR Generalist and Recruiting Director, “It comes down to giving everyone access to an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. When you infuse that into a collaborative culture with open communication from all levels, the end results is transparency and a company direction that everyone can understand and support. That feeling of inclusion really makes a difference.”


Each and every person who walks through the front doors every day are at the core of what makes Brand Networks special. If they enjoy where they’re working, it’s contagious, and you’ll see improvements in both the quality of work and quality of life. At the end of the day that is all that matters. Being voted one of Rochester’s top workplaces is all the validation we need to know our culture and vision is resonating with our most valuable asset: our employees, we couldn’t be more thankful.