Breaking Marketing Silos: 3 Tips for Successful Integrated Media Campaigns

At Brand Innovators’ Future of Media event last month, Lance Wolder (VP of Client Strategy and Solutions at Collective) pointed out that 71% of marketers are not managing integrated campaigns. This means that when it comes to strategy, there is a separation between the different channels – despite all efforts being for the betterment of a single brand. With people consuming content across platforms and across devices, it is important to maintain a consistent narrative through all campaigns, and to be able to measure the results easily and efficiently.

The best way to ensure consistency across all channels and platforms is to keep media campaigns integrated. While it might be tempting to use the same exact creative across all channels and call it a day, this is NOT what makes integration work. What performs well in a print ad might flop in a TV spot, and what excels on Facebook might hear crickets from other online media channels. To help you better integrate your marketing campaigns, we offer the following three best practices.

Centralize Your Story

A truly integrated campaign takes one big idea and expresses that concept on each participating channel in a different way. Think of your campaign as a story your brand is trying to tell, and your multi-channel initiatives are all chapters of that same story. They might not be identical, but each facet should direct back to the same theme – as opposed to a siloed campaign, which might have multiple messages that don’t necessarily speak to one another. As an example, Liberty Mutual’s latest integrated campaign is running many different ad types (digital, social, print, TV) that all revolve around the tagline “See Car Insurance in a Whole New Light.”

Choose the Right Medium(s)

Maybe your campaign would perform best with a heavy emphasis on social (like Facebook and Twitter) with a TV component incorporating a hashtag. Maybe you’d do better with digital video and banner ads with a radio component. Whatever media mix you choose, make sure it is one that best compliments your objectives so that your ad dollars achieve as much ROI as possible, as efficiently as possible.

Track, Track, Track

As with any marketing campaign, it is important to track the results across all channels. This can sometimes be an overlooked step, but gauging your audience’s response to each aspect of your campaign is the best way to make it even better the next time around – or even the next quarter of the year, if it spans over a long period of time. If this seems tricky, there is plenty of information out there on measuring your campaign’s impact. An NBC blog gives best practices on tracking email and social campaigns, while TrackMaven has tips for content marketing initiatives.

We hope these tips will help you to further integrate your brand marketing efforts and maximize ROI. On the digital side of things, one way to integrate your campaigns is by using a platform like our Open Marketing Cloud. Plan, optimize and analyze multiple aspects of your media mix with a single sign-on – including our ads solutions for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For more information on an integrated marketing strategy, or to learn more about how SHIFT can help you get there, contact us today.