Audience Exchange

Domain Group & BOWERBIRD Interiors

Brand Networks worked with Domain Group to monetize their data and share social audiences with BOWERBIRD Interiors through Audience Exchange.

With Audience Exchange, Domain Group monetized their first-party data by offering BOWERBIRD Interiors the ability to tap into their pre-built, high-value social audiences.


BOWERBIRD Interiors was looking to gain access to high-value real estate audiences. Domain Group saw the value in monetizing their audience data but lacked the appropriate technology in-house to do so.


Audience Exchange enabled Domain Group to aggregate their data into a simple unified platform for clients to browse and securely purchase audiences across social channels. BOWERBIRD Interiors purchased two high-quality audiences for beta testing in their campaigns.


Domain Group can now offer clients access to its owned social audiences. The purchased audiences had a higher click-to-lead conversion rate than BOWERBIRD Interior’s audience, filling their upper funnel for future activity and growth.


lift in conversion rate for audience one


lift in conversion rate for audience two

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