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The Ad-Blocking War Will Leave Us Stronger

Tech innovation is a blood sport, and the fight for digital ad quality and deliverability has taken center stage in the minds of many advertisers, publishers and ad-tech providers this week. With the arrival of support for ad-blocking software ... Read More

LinkedIn Joins Ad Network Race

Originally published in MediaPost They say a goldfish will grow as large as the body of water it occupies allows. Social media data is no different. Though powerful when put to… Read More

What to Look For: Twitter & LinkedIn Earnings

This week we’re preparing to hear from Twitter and LinkedIn as they announce Q4 and full year 2014 earnings on Thursday. While we can’t predict the future, there are several topics that we will be watching for that will give us an idea of how ... Read More

SHIFT’s Monthly Roundup: Notable Tech/Social News in August

As a new feature in the blog, we are excited to introduce our monthly compilation of the top headlines in tech and social media. We will provide a detailed overview of news for our Ads API partners (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and a brief rundown of other noteworthy announcements. Facebook:Recent updates to Facebook’s News Feed algorithms include a crackdown on click-baiting, a tactic used to encourage people to click on a link without much information, which can sometimes lead to undue popularity. Facebook will now be taking into account the amount of time users spend at a link once they have clicked on it, and also the ratio of people interacting with the links via comments and sharing. Marketers should be more aware than ever of the content being published to their brands’ Facebook pages: is the content relevant and valuable to users? Is the link being posted in the prioritized format? Facebook shows more posts displayed in the actual link format over links in captions, so it is also important to make sure the link is posted in the right format.Another change made to Facebook’s News Feed this month was an increased frequency cap, meaning that brands can: a) show users the same news feed ad twice in one day and b) serve users they are not connected to (who have not ‘liked’ their page) two ads per day. In both cases, this is a 100% increase. The change by definition will drive higher frequency for brands’ Facebook ads, but could also lead to user frustration from seeing double the ads they are used to. As long as brands ensure that they are creating highly relevant and appropriately targeted ads, though, this change should be beneficial overall. Read More