Brand Networks Simplifies Video Advertising; Launches Cross-Channel Video Solutions

First-of-its-kind offering streamlines video advertising planning, optimization, and measurement across digital, social, and OTT/CTV.

BOSTON, July 24, 2019
Brand Networks, the cross-channel managed media software and services provider, today launched cross-channel video solutions that simplify video advertising across digital, social, and OTT/CTV platforms. These new solutions leverage Brand Networks’ automation software and in-house team of experts to make strategic video advertising—from creative and planning to campaign optimization and measurement—more achievable for brands of all sizes.

“With 81% of businesses leveraging video as a marketing tool, it’s increasingly critical for brands to use video strategically and efficiently. But at the same time, video has never been more difficult to master,” says Dave Fall, CEO of Brand Networks. “Running a cohesive digital video campaign across Amazon OTT, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, and others is incredibly tricky. Each platform has varied video formats, unique targeting capabilities, and inconsistent metrics. With a handful of solutions out there to support isolated components of video campaign success, we felt it was time to bring all elements of cross-channel video advertising under one roof.”

By increasing access to the fast-growing pool of video inventory, Brand Networks is equipping the next generation of advertising leaders with the tools and expertise needed to stand out from the crowd. Over the past several years, video has become a staple in marketing budgets; eMarketer predicts that video ad spending will increase by 62.1% between 2019 and 2023. However, increasing investment in something so diverse also poses threats to customer experience. 

To cut through the noise and unify the experience, brands need savvy experts and advanced advertising technology to run video campaigns that work together to tell a cohesive brand story across channels.

With trusted automation software and over a decade of industry experience, Brand Networks’ end-to-end video solutions provide advertisers with all the capabilities required for creating, planning, optimizing and measuring cross-channel video campaigns through a single partner. The new suite of solutions includes five core components:  

  • Cross-Channel Video Inventory: Optimize media mix planning across a range of video inventory—including programmatic inventory, social channels, premium video publishers, and OTT/CTV providers—to maximize video views and increase campaign exposure. 
  • Audience Activation: Extend campaign reach with first-party, third-party, and custom audience data from leading providers such as Experian, Oracle Data Cloud, TruSignal, Narrative, and PushSpring.  
  • Creative Customization: Deliver seamless video experiences through expertly tailored video ads appropriate for each channel, device, and objective, creating cohesive and consistent brand messaging across channels.
  • Media Optimization: Reallocate budget across channels based on KPIs, and adjust audience targeting and creative in realtime to boost performance and improve ROI.   
  • Holistic Analysis: Bridge the measurement gap across channels with normalized video view metrics to better understand each channel’s contribution to campaign performance.

Brand Networks Cross-Channel Video Solutions join the company’s existing stack of cross-channel advertising capabilities delivering impressive results for leading agencies and brands across retail, e-commerce, automotive, CPG, and entertainment. To book a meeting about Brand Networks Cross-Channel Video Solutions, click here. To learn more about Brand Networks’ automation technology and Managed Media Services, visit bn.co

About Brand Networks

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