Crossroads Report: Options for View Tagging on Facebook

Facebook’s quest to give advertisers all the tools they need to be successful continues.

As the social advertising landscape continues to mature and increase in complexity, what exactly advertisers need to succeed is changing. Near the top of that list (if not at the top) is measurement solutions. In fact, a study syndicated by eMarketer found that 80% of respondents said that they increased their efforts pertaining to marketing performance measurement in 2017.

With the need for measurement solutions clear, Facebook is rolling out a series of updates to its measurement partnerships and view tags—the latter of which advertisers can use to verify impressions and measure ads on Facebook.

As part of Facebook’s efforts to examine its systems and protect people’s privacy, it’s updating the way view tags work on its platform. Helping Facebook advertisers since 2012, View tags help measure and verify ad impressions on desktop and mobile browsers. Since Facebook designed view tags to measure ads on desktop, they don’t work as well for ads on mobile.

Facebook will work with a more focused set of view tag providers, including Nielsen and comScore, and allow them to count impressions for verification purposes. That said, view tags can no longer be used for measurement purposes beyond counting. To get a better understanding of ad effectiveness beyond view tags, Facebook recommends working with approved Facebook measurement partners.

These changes are applied to new campaigns. Campaigns running before July 1 will see the updated view tags on October 1. Is your Facebook advertising strategy prepared for this change?

In this Crossroads Report: Options for View Tagging on Facebook, Brand Networks offers expert insight on everything you need to know about Facebook’s change and how it will impact your advertising strategy on the platform.

Specifically, you’ll learn:  

-If Facebook’s update will impact your strategy on the platform.

-What implications, if any, you’ll face by the update.

-How you can navigate the update and what options you have.

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