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  • What is is the leading multivariate Facebook Ad platform. It helps advertisers and agencies create thousands of ad combinations in only dozens of ads using multivariate testing. Built by the technology team at, saves time and money and provides ad and campaign level optimization all in one intuitive, easy to use platform. Check out the features has now.

  • What kinds of advertisers use allows small or large advertisers and agencies with the ability to optimize and run more efficient campaigns. Some of our clients include:

    Gaming companies

    Millions of people play games on Facebook each day. How can they find and play yours? Facebook ads. They’re a simple way to get in front of the millions of players online. And if done correctly they can have some pretty amazing returns.

    Digital Agencies

    Agencies are burdened with managing and optimizing Facebook campaigns in mass. can simplify the process by allowing bulk editing and management. It syncs directly with your Facebook account to provide true transparency.

    Brand Advertisers

    Facebook is the one place brand advertising can be pushed. Users are constantly sharing cool videos, taking fun quizzes and Liking Pages. Brands can take advantage of this social nature by creating compelling integrated campaigns and maximizing their Facebook engagement.

    What is multivariate testing and how does use it?

    Multivariate testing is like performing a high volume of simultaneous A/B tests to get maximum learning at minimal cost. Multivariate testing can test the effectiveness of limitless ad combinations. provides a simple work flow in setting up multivariate campaigns and optimizing based on the results.


  • What benefits does provide?

    Save Time and Money

    Build multivariate Facebook ads in minutes and get results with 10-20x less media spend. Create ads in your own Facebook Ads account.

    Target the Right Audience

    Combine standard Facebook targeting with exclusive segments and lists of targeting elements created by Get better keyword and audience suggestions in our social media platform.

    Built-In Conversion Reporting

    Get detailed data on which particular Facebook ad elements are best performers and optimize Facebook ads based on clicks or conversions. Export data to Excel.

    Ad Optimization and Account Management

    Buy Facebook ads on a CPC or CPM basis and will help you manage towards your ROI goals. Have your own dedicated account manager.

  • Why work with us?’s audience-based ad technologies have managed and optimized over 60 billion impressions for advertisers and agencies since 2008. With inventory and audience data integration,’s platform is a robust, easy-to-use media-buying technology. was one of the first Facebook Ads API participants and is listed as a Facebook API Tools Vendor. has received funding from prominent advertising technology investors and strives to provide world-class support and technology to our clients.

  • How do I sign up for an account?

    To sign up simply go here.

  • How do I contact someone at

    We’re here to help you! Don’t be shy. Email us at any time or give us a call at 415-329-7110 or toll-free at 1-877-357-6480. If you have any questions about check out our support site.



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