SHIFT’s Global Facebook Advertising Insights Report

July 23, 2014 | Dallas Geerlings

With over 1.28 Billion monthly active users globally and commanding approximately 7% of the world’s digital ad spend; Facebook is a must-buy for any social marketer. As Facebook continues to grow, it will be even more important for marketers to have a strong understanding of their performance. This insights report provides context around key metrics and verticals based on Q2 2014 data and also illustrates trends over the past five quarters.

In the first section, titled Q2 Benchmark by Vertical, benchmarks are calculated using the average for each performance metric across the top verticals for all Q2 campaigns that were managed through SHIFT’s Facebook ads solution. These may serve as a baseline for marketers to understand general results, though numerous variables affect final performance including creative, targeting, budget, and initiative type among others.

In the second section, titled Q2 vs Q1 Percentage Change, you’ll see a positive change in CTR. This represents an increase in the number of clicks per impression, which is an indicator that advertisers are reaching the right audience at the right time – ultimately driving higher engagement. 

In the last section, titled Year over Year by Vertical, overall the click through trend is positive showing strong year-over-year growth (Q2’14/Q2’13) while costs per click have increased at a much slower rate over that same period. 

Please note this data is based on activity transacted through SHIFT’s Facebook ads solution, it’s not based on Facebook’s own data. We hope you find this infographic to be a useful guide which helps provide clarity around your Facebook marketing initiatives. 

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Dallas Geerlings

Marketing Manager

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