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Since the arrival of Amazon Advertising, there’s been a misconception that it only makes sense for endemic brands, i.e., if you sell something on the platform. That’s not true. Yes, some ad types and targeting capabilities are only available to sellers, but there’s still plenty left in Amazon’s advertising tank to appeal to those who don’t, i.e., non-endemic brands. In fact, one could argue that it’s just as powerful thanks to an abundant amount of ad inventory and unrivaled audience targeting data to go with it.


Amazon Ad Inventory

For better or worse, Sponsored BrandsSponsored Products, and Stores, which make up the majority of ad types available to endemic brands, are unavailable if you don’t sell on the platform (although some placements on still exist for non-endemic brands albeit in less visible placements).

That said, Amazon still offers appealing options if you’re on the outside looking in.

Take Amazon OTT, for example, which includes Amazon Fire TV and IMDb TV—the latter of which is a free, ad-supported video channel available on and via Amazon Fire TV devices. This inventory is readily available for you to programmatically reach a high-value audience during opted-in moments.


There’s more.

In an advertising world where scale reigns supreme and everyone’s crown jewel is diversification, the pinnacle of Amazon Advertising success hinges on spreading your wings beyond Amazon’s walls. Accessed through the Amazon DSP, Amazon Publisher Services (APS) and Open Exchanges give you access to hand-picked and high-quality inventory, including the majority of ComScore top 250 publishers. This also includes access to Amazon-owned properties like the Washingon Post.


Amazon Publisher Services (APS)


Amazon Audience Data

Access to unique, high-quality ad inventory is only as good as the targeting strategy that comes with it. When it comes to taking your Amazon Advertising strategy from “good” to “great,” the difference comes down to using Amazon’s targeting prowess.

With exclusive and real-time Amazon data, you can tap into billions of observed shopping and media consumption behaviors to programmatically reach consumers in more precise ways.

What does this look like?

An auto dealer could aim Amazon ads to people who recently looked at model-specific parts on Amazon. A travel agency could deliver ads to people who just bought a book about a tropical location or new travel gear. Similarly, a video game company could promote an upcoming game to people who’d bought a similar game in the past.

Whatever way you look at it, these targeting capabilities are unrivaled because Amazon knows what people are buying (and what they’re thinking about buying based on their behaviors). It’s performance marketing gold.


With Amazon advertising on the up-and-up and attracting significant attention from advertisers of all types, the last thing you want to do is cross it off your list simply because you don’t sell on the platform. Thanks to a growing advertising ecosystem and unrivaled audience, the power of advertising is in your hands, no matter what you’re selling and where.

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