How Apps like Pinterest add Value to Facebook Advertisers

October 11, 2012 | Dan

Our CEO, Rob Leathern recently wrote in the Huffington Post about how social platform applications like Pinterest or Socialcam are adding value to Facebook’s ad targeting system by creating new, very relevant data into the Open Graph. Here’s a quote from that piece:

What this allows marketers to do is to combine these activities at a general (“pinners” on Pinterest) or specific level (types of objects pinned), along with other targeting options Facebook offers. This could include demographics, location and other factors where it already has far more audience targeting power than any other source available online today.

He goes on to discuss some of the metrics of Pinterest “pinners” in particular:

We can find approximately 2.2 million U.S. “pinners” targetable in this manner who have pinned something in the last two weeks, and we based our analysis on this group.

These figures show that the pinning activity is even more gender-skewed than comScore’s higher-level page view metrics.

The average age of pinners is 32 years old, and they also disproportionately tend to be married or in a relationship. For example, pinners are 73 percent more likely than the average US Facebook user to be engaged.

We looked at other popular interests which pinners express to get clues as to who these people are, above and beyond understanding them from a demographic perspective. This shows some of the largest interests that we track at Optimal, and their likelihood to be shared by Pinterest pinners relative to the U.S. Facebook population. For example, a Pinterest pinner is more than 10 times more likely that the average US Facebook user to be interested in Etsy, or 7.5 times more likely than average to be interested in scrapbooking.

This is powerful data, and the ability to use it to target ads on Facebook. How? Well, our platform allows you to use “action spec” targeting today to target any of these audience subgroups. Please contact us to sign up for a trial of and learn more about this novel new advertising opportunity. Read the full HuffPo piece here.

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