People with a Promise: How the Brand Networks Paid Social Activation Team Sets Itself Apart

So, you’re looking for a managed media services team to run your social advertising campaigns?

I could offer an easy answer and tell you to look for a team whose cumulative experience exceeds a specific number of years. That’s imperative for success, but you already know that. So, I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to talk about five intangibles that set the Brand Networks Paid Social Activation team apart from the rest.

For us, success is always in the future. The next insight. The newest best practice. Sometimes, it’s even in the transition from managed media services to insourced licensing by a brand’s in-house team. That’s because Brand Networks offers the very best software and services in social advertising. We don’t have to care whether you want managed or self-service. We have the luxury of focusing solely on your success in social.

We won’t rest on our laurels, satisfied with what we’ve accomplished in the past—that’s a promise.

The 5 Intangibles: How the Brand Networks Paid Social Activation Team Sets Itself Apart  

We know our industry: We’re all social advertising experts—don’t you have to be to keep up with the ever-changing ecosystem? The industry is changing daily, whether it’s software updates, new ad types, new targeting capabilities, or new advertising inventory. It’s crucial that our team stays current on all innovation to ensure we provide strategic recommendations, share knowledge with clients, and execute as effectively as possible. Understanding how our industry works plays a pivotal role in how we succeed; thankfully, our leaders know how important this is and is and invest in it, and our teams are curious and passionate about all of the intricacies in this exciting space.

Fun Fact: According to an eMarketer study, social advertising will account for approximately one-quarter of total digital ad spending by 2020.

We focus on the details: The Brand Networks social media services team may sport sweatshirts and baseball caps, but what we’re lacking in style, we make up for in the details. We have intensive and detailed internal processes that are uniform across accounts and offices. This operational maturity ensures that we provide the most accurate and efficient service possible. We have an extensive and reliable Quality Assurance process for all campaigns that must be both self-checked and checked by other media analysts. We’re also constantly performing internal retrospectives to make sure we are aware of nuances to help improve this system and the performance we deliver for our clients. Not only does this process-centric work happen prior to campaign launch, we’re constantly making optimizations so there’s room for improvement every day.

We’re fearless: One of our Corporate Values at Brand Networks is Tenacity, and our managed services teams bring that to life in our passion for presenting and testing new opportunities with clients. We never say no to a challenge and work closely with our partners in organizations like Facebook and Twitter, to make these opportunities happen. We don’t stick to the old, easy, routes when it comes to planning; we look to new targeting strategies and offer ideas, however unexpected they may seem. Not only do we recommend out-of-the-box approaches or new ad types, we recommend utilizing Brand Networks’ additive technology like Optimize Now and Open Signals to help our clients take their campaigns to the next level. We are far from fearful; we are bold.

Did you know? Optimize Now saves the average paid advertising team eight hours per week per person in manual calculations and optimizations.

We have access to knowledge: While we have offices around the country (and the world—shout out to Sydney!), we’re constantly knowledge-sharing across accounts, offices, and departments. It’s pertinent that we work as a team and enlist others who can work well in a team environment. Because a lot of what we do isn’t inherently intuitive, it’s imperative that our teams communicate effectively. This ensures new best practices spread like wildfire inside Brand Networks Paid Social Activation. We also work very closely with our partner representatives for all media channels in order to execute. Some of our job titles may just say “Media Analyst,” but we do so much more than this title can begin to explain—a major part of this job is forming strong relationships with our partner leads and internal departments so that we’re providing the most up-to-date information and strategies possible.  

We Care about Excellence: Everyone in our social managed services organization would tell you that this is not just a day job. Social advertising is always on, and our teams are always willing to help after our doors close for the night. This quality ties into the fact that our teams care about the work and dive deep into every campaign, every plan, and every report. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy and that the services they’re receiving drive effective and efficient results. I can tell you personally that the majority of our Media Services teams made the decision to skip  Summer Friday’s last year (despite wanting to be outside) in order to make sure this level of service was preserved. Rain or shine, bad mood or good mood, our teams bend over backwards to deliver excellence.

The Proof Is in the Pudding: Success You Can See on Pinterest

Goal: With brand awareness and video advertising already key to a client ’s social advertising success, when Autoplay Video became available, the brand was eager to test it out. The retailer hoped that Pinterest Autoplay Video would create cost-efficiencies while improving overall performance.  

Strategy: Having run successful brand awareness (CPM) campaigns with Brand Networks on other platforms in the past, the brand was excited by the promise of Pinterest Autoplay Video. To see if the ad type would have a future in the retailer’s social advertising strategy, the Brand Networks Paid Social Activation team built an approach that would effectively demonstrate the impact video could have on its target audience.

Using product-centric and actionable Autoplay Videos, the latter helping drive an increase in view-through rate (VTR), the campaign leveraged a myriad of advanced targeting capabilities offered by Pinterest, including Engagement Audiences and Actalike Audiences.

Results: In total, the campaign generated a view-through rate (VTR) 21% greater than Brand Networks’ internal benchmarks. Moreover, the campaign drove a cost per view (CPV) 57% less than the industry benchmark.

Don’t be fooled by the keg and kombucha on-tap, ping pong table in the lounge, or community scooter waiting in the corner. Truthfully, I’ve never worked with a better team, nor a more successful team. I’m proud to work in the Brand Networks Paid Social Activation organization. If you’re looking for a stellar managed services provider in social, take it from me—this is not just a team, it’s a family.