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Car buyers spend on average three months in-market, with 60% of that time online researching across sites and devices. Surprisingly, most are undecided at the start. From OEMs to dealer groups to local dealerships, auto advertisers have ample opportunities to drive awareness, conversion, and loyalty with the right digital strategy.

Brand Networks Media Solutions Can Help

We plan, build, and execute strategies tailored to goals in every Tier. Engage your best customers and prospects with consistent, personalized experiences at every digital touchpoint

  • Capture high-value customer attention across social, display, video, connected TV (CTV), and Amazon
  • Drive time spent—and consideration—with your brand via custom creative scaled across every device and channel
  • Close the deal with in-market buyers by sending more high-value customers to your dealerships
  • Personalize messaging on a hyper-local level using real-time inventory management feeds
  • Measure campaign performance from an unbiased, single source of truth

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Case Study

Acura TLX Drives Media Strategy With Responsive Video Campaign

When buying a car, a consumer’s journey could include as many as 900 digital interactions over a 3-month period, with 35% of conversions happening on a different device from where they started. In order to effectively create awareness among younger audiences, Acura partnered with Brand Networks to create engaging cross device ad units for its new TLX model.

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