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Nearly half of U.S. consumers buy CPG products online. The benefits to consumers are clear: more choice, greater convenience, and the option to buy based on values rather than price. For big CPG brands, larger budgets alone won't ensure greater returns, as smaller challenger brands nibble away at market share.

Brand Networks Media Solutions Can Help

We help you connect effectively and efficiently with the right consumers at the right time. Our multichannel or cross-channel solutions help you maximize reach and create meaningful moments that lead to conversion while reducing wasted impressions and spend.

  • Understand and identify high-value consumers across every digital channel
  • Deliver a cohesive digital experience with a focus on video, so your brands and products achieve maximum emotional response
  • Create engaging, goal-driven creative experiences across digital channels and devices, with no heavy lifting on your resources
  • Support action-based objectives for your shopper marketing initiatives, including Amazon Advertising, social, and more
  • Effectively measure the results of your campaigns using an unbiased, single source of truth

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Case Study

Brand Networks Satisfies Snickers’ Hunger for a Game-Changing Campaign

Snickers collaborated with Brand Networks to maximize brand engagement across devices during its Super Bowl ad campaign. To encourage engagement people who saw one of the ads on either a mobile device or tablet where prompted to shake their device to “free” a Snickers bar lodged in a virtual vending machine.

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