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From DTC upstarts to Amazon, traditional retail is feeling the squeeze everywhere. Plus, consumer expectations are wreaking havoc on loyalty, with highly personalized experiences winning out over product. Retail marketers know "business as usual" won't drive foot traffic to stores.

Brand Networks Media Solutions Can Help

We plan, build, and execute custom strategies that deliver the business outcomes and consistent consumer experiences you need to compete and thrive:

  • Engage high-value consumers at every digital touchpoint to promote products and sales events, as well as co-ops and other co-branded opportunities
  • Personalize messaging using in-market local inventory feeds and improve shopping experience by suppressing sold-out items
  • Map online and offline purchases to digital media for true reporting and attribution insights
  • Measure campaign performance from an unbiased, single source of truth

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Case Study

Starcom Plugs into Iris for Samsung Galaxy S8 Facebook Campaign

Samsung teamed up with Brand Networks and Starcom to run a Facebook campaign promoting the launch of the Galaxy S8. To drive its target audience to, Starcom’s Precision Media team crafted a comprehensive Facebook strategy revolving around Facebook Video and Iris by Brand Networks.

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“The Brand Networks Platform allowed us to hone in on the new and undiscovered audiences we sought, and to quickly optimize Denim Day’s messaging.”

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