How Iris by Brand Networks Adds Value to Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

In the competitive world of digital advertising, optimization and automation tools are a necessity. That’s why we created Iris by Brand Networks. That’s also why Facebook launched Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), which automatically optimizes the distribution of a campaign’s budget across ad sets—and, by extension, across unique audience segments.

In September, Facebook will make Campaign Budget Optimization a fixed standard in its auction-based ad campaigns, which could cause some disruption and potential reduction in hands-on control for advertisers.

Luckily, Brand Networks is already well versed in potential impacts. Going a step further, we’re already offering enhancements to help advertisers we work with continue advancing their Facebook and Instagram ad strategies with little or no impact.

So what is Campaign Budget Optimization?

CBO lets you set one central campaign budget to optimize across ad sets by distributing budget to the top performing ad sets in real time.

Source: Facebook

How Iris by Brand Networks Adds Value to Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Iris by Brand Networks is our proprietary social advertising technology that complements the native social ad platforms, including Facebook’s, helping advertisers achieve better performance, get more control over their campaigns, and automate time-consuming processes and workflows. It’s one of the core tools used by Brand Networks Media Solutions teams to achieve optimal outcomes for our paid social managed services clients.

Here are some ways Brand Networks’ optimization tools can work with Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization:

More Metrics

Facebook CBO can optimize toward Facebook’s metrics, which means optimizing toward data from third-party measurement partners to attribute purchases, for example, isn’t possible. Neither is using custom metrics.

With Iris by Brand Networks, you have added options:

  • Optimize toward any Facebook metric in the reporting API, giving you the flexibility to drive toward the specific Facebook KPI that matters to you.
  • Integrate third-party measurement platforms and optimize toward them, giving you the ability to import your sources of truth instead.
  • Combine metrics from multiple data sources and optimize toward them, ensuring that you have the control to customize metrics through formulas.

Optimization toward Multiple KPIs

In many scenarios, Facebook advertisers define success by more than one metric. With Iris by Brand Networks, you can apply tiered metrics, giving you the control to optimize toward video views as well as website clicks, for example. You can even weight the importance of each of those KPIs against one another—instructing the automation inside Iris to treat website clicks as though they’re twice as important as video views.

Enhanced Budget Control & Efficiency

When you’re running a campaign with multiple, separated audiences (e.g., delivering a local retail campaign segmented into geographic audiences by store locations), controlling ad spending and pace for each specific location is often a requirement. In a scenario where delivering some ads to every unique audience matters, CBO lets you control spending by defining a minimum and maximum budget for each ad set. Overall spend caps are still managed at the campaign level.

Some advertisers we work with need more precise budget management. For example, they create specific campaigns for each location to maximize the control they have. For these advertisers, Iris by Brand Networks offers Campaign Groups. With Campaign Groups, you can connect campaigns for optimal distribution of budget across campaigns. Spend caps, and other controls are enhanced. Using this new feature also makes reporting on a setup like this easier.  

3 Tips for Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Brand Networks has been experimenting with (and building for) Campaign Budget Optimization. As pioneers in social advertising automation, we’ve seen many changes like this, and we’ve learned to adapt to structural changes in the ecosystem. Adapting to the context of a post-Campaign Budget Optimization world has taught us a few things about what to expect from this change. Here are a few tips for teams looking to get ready for the shift:

1. Be Willing to Change Your Campaign Structure

Campaign Budget Optimization drastically changes the way you manage your campaigns, which means you may have to rethink how to group audiences and ad sets.

We recommend grouping audiences that share the same optimization goal and performance profile. This is especially important when trying to drive customers through a funnel toward a conversion.

As always, ROAS- or CPA-based objectives offer some of the biggest challenges. Different stages of the funnel play different roles, and you’ll need to organize your campaigns and ad sets carefully in this new paradigm. As a rule of thumb, grouping audiences by signal strength, audience type, and audience size will provide guardrails for Facebook’s optimization technology to explore the best opportunities within each segment (See the figure below).

2. Be Patient, but Ready to Scale

We’ve seen Campaign Budget Optimization perform well for many of our clients, but we have also noticed that it can take time to achieve performance stability. If you’re testing CBO, make sure there’s enough budget for Facebook to learn from. We recommend that advertisers start with at least $150 a day.

While Facebook’s optimization technology ramps up, don’t be surprised to see shifts in spend across ad sets as well as swings in performance day-over-day. If you do see shifts in allocation across ad sets, consider setting an ad set a minimum spend threshold to minimize volatility. We suggest advertisers ramp daily budget up, watching for campaign performance to stabilize and become more predictable. When this happens, it’s time to scale daily spend.

3. Commit to a Test-and-Promote Strategy

With increased flexibility, it’s much easier to adopt a test-and-promote strategy for audience targeting. When using Campaign Budget Optimization, it’s a good idea to have a test budget for continuous audience exploration. As you find new opportunities, promote the new performant audiences into your main campaign setup and test again. This helps combat both audience and creative fatigue as you focus on finding new people to reach.

Although Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization is still new, advertising automation and optimization tools aren’t. Brand Networks has been building this type of technology for years. As advertising ecosystems expand and increase in saturation, you’ll need to be ready to adopt the latest and greatest in the ad tech world.

More often than not, this will mean using more than one tool, like Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization and Iris by Brand Networks, for added impact. Our Media Solutions organization is and has already adapted to this change. Having extra tech to leverage is often the key consistency when the winds of change shift directions.

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