The What & Why of Local Social Advertising

In a world where over 90% of retail sales happen at brick-and-mortar locations, and cities all over the country are dotted with store footprints, the need for a competitive edge is more important than ever. In our experience, one of the best ways to separate yourself from the pack is by executing social strategies focused on the local level that engages and converts customers close to home. We call this Local Social Advertising.

What Does Local Social Advertising Really Mean?

We define Local Social as customizable advertising technology and services that work together to empower brands to build and scale a presence on social media at the regional or individual store level. When done right, Local Social strategies complement a national social presence and corporate voice and bridges the gap between a national presence and the communities where customers live, work, and shop. Because they’re done across locations or regions, they can be more effective at connecting with the consumer audience unique to different communities.

Imagine this: Rather than delivering a broad message to consumers with a single piece of content on a national page, you break messaging down by store location and let store employees post content relevant to their location featuring local associates from their community and promoting products available where they shop.

Since 2011, we’ve been evolving our Local Social strategies and capabilities on behalf of our clients. In that time, we’ve seen two approaches work best:

  • Approach #1: Local or regional associates lead the content and publishing.
  • Approach #2: Content is generated at the corporate level or partner agency level, but published locally.

Regardless of how you develop local content, Local Social can drive a positive impact across verticals, including retail, QSR, auto, and real estate.

Why Is Local Social Advertising Important to Reach the Modern Consumer

In an era when people spend on average 2 hours 22 minutes a day on social media, and customer expectations continually evolving, you need to go beyond focusing on the sale and create online experiences that form connections with your consumers. Local Social is a turn-key approach to building an elevated consumer experience while delivering measurable results.

From a high level, Local Social delivers on business goals. Having the ability to feature and scale your brand voice drives brand awareness, spurs consumer engagement, increases store traffic and sales, and sets the stage for impactful results:

  • Building Personal Connections: Local Social captures in-store moments that turn your social presence into a virtual storefront that humanizes your brand.
  • Executing in Real Time: Local Social helps you react to local events or competitor activity occurring in the market. You can highlight a store-level promotion to clear out inventory, feature how your brand is involved with a local event, or promote a regional offer when competitors are promoting something similar.
  • Driving Value and Retention: Local consumers will become loyal if you show that you’re invested in them. This can lead to more frequent visits and spending more each trip.

What’s Next for Local Social Advertising at Brand Networks?

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