Enter the Amazon Advertising Universe

Buckle up, sit back, and get ready to programmatically scale the reach and impact of your display and video campaigns powered by the Amazon DSP.

Activate The Power of Amazon’s Audience

Why Amazon Advertising?

With more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, millions of eyes across Amazon-owned properties like IMDb and Fire TV, as well as troves of exclusive audience data at-the-ready for advertisers, and you can see why the world is excited about Amazon Advertising.

A Look into Amazon’s Advertising World

  • Exclusive audiences built by observing billions of customer journeys as they browse, watch, and shop on Amazon.com
  • Unique inventory across Amazon.com, IMDb, Amazon Publisher Services, and Open Exchanges
  • Premium OTT inventory through Fire TV devices

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Planning, Buying, & Optimizing

We know that one size will never fit all. So why should every campaign be the same? We plan, buy, and optimize every Amazon campaign differently because every business is different. Your campaign should be molded for you, not the masses.

Custom Creative Solutions

The path to purchase starts on Amazon, but the trail will end if your customers get lost in your messaging. Our award-winning creative team will expertly craft your creative to meet the needs of not only Amazon, but your goals as well.

Meaningful Analysis

What good are spreadsheets if they’re filled with vanity metrics and insights that mean nothing to your brand? Instead of getting lost in a sea of numbers, we’ll breakdown every part of your campaign so you know what’s working, what’s not, and what it’ll take to sustain your success.

Premium Display, CTV & OTT Inventory

Scale Across Premium Placements & Open Exchanges powered by Amazon’s Unique Targeting Capabilities