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Local Social Advertising Solutions

Give your local stores the swagger and community cred they need to win. The first-ever tool for local social advertising creates a central command center to get live fast, speak authentically, and anticipate events like only a local can.

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  • Local inventory ads
  • Locally sourced, relevant content
  • Local audience activation
  • Local measurement
  • Managed service & local support

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Hyperlocal Social Ad Experiences

Local Inventory Ads

Stores in close proximity can often find themselves competing for the same customers — or promoting products that aren’t even in-store. Not anymore.

Move products off the shelves and out the door across hundreds or thousands of stores faster and more efficiently with real-time inventory management. Control SKU promotion on a regional, local, or national level while adding or removing items on the fly. Automatically pause ads when inventory is out to reduce customer friction and eliminate wasted impressions. Plus, you can set radius parameters on your social ads to target store-specific customers beyond those self-selected.

Speak Like a Local

Locally Sourced, Relevant Content

You have on-the-ground marketers waiting to be activated. That’s right, your store managers and ambassadors know firsthand what resonates with customers and drives sales in real time. Why not empower them?

Our customizable mobile app gives store associates the tools and tips to post like a pro. Empower them to promote local in-store events, respond to weather or news-related specials, give local shoutouts to build community, or profile stellar staff. You retain oversight and brand approvals, while incentivizing your local employees to live the brand out loud.

Sync with Locals Like Never Before

Local Audience Activation

Connect with your national audiences at a local level to create more relevant ad experiences and increased efficiency. Extend your campaign’s reach by leveraging your first-party audiences and lookalike modeling to find the best prospects for your local campaigns.

Connect the Dots on the Local Level

Local Measurement

Get a holistic view of online performance across all of your stores through unified reporting, unlock location-level insights and apply learnings to your future campaigns. Our local solution also enables you to partner directly with third-party measurement providers to measure the impact of your digital campaign on foot traffic and offline purchases.

Empower Local Staff

Managed Service & Local Support

Whether you choose to manage local from the national level or open up social to your stores, empowering local store associates to manage social, Brand Networks is with you every step of the way.

Get up and running as fast as you want, with no APIs to integrate. Begin with consultative conversations, then launch into Managed Service, letting Brand Networks jump into setup, execution, and reporting. We can even train your local teams, build templates and galleries, and provide strategic support to ensure adoption.

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