Let’s Talk About Local

Local advertising has always been a powerful tactic for driving targeted in-store traffic. With the rise of social media’s reach, personalization, and cost-efficiency, local advertising can have a tremendous impact on a store’s bottom line and ties to its community.

Our local social solution for brands gives your stores the presence and local flavor they need to shine. We built the only tool to streamline and scale your local social advertising, empower boots-on-the-ground employees to personalize on-brand messages, and tie inventory to relevant awareness, media spend and strategy.

Let’s talk about:

  • Creating hyper-relevant localized messages that drive sales and build customer rapport
  • Linking inventory levels to media spend and shift messaging dynamically for cost-efficiency
  • Empowering local brand ambassadors to “own” their social presence while staying on-brand
  • Promoting popular posts for local love while optimizing toward performance

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Bringing Together Media, Technology, and Data

"The impressive power of Brand Networks’ technology combined with a truly strategic collaboration between Samsung and Starcom made this campaign a success. This is what happens when you bring the right team together with the right tools."


Social Media Manager, Corporate Marketing Division


“With the help of Brand Networks and its programmatic social advertising capabilities, Facebook advertising has become a critical piece of our marketing funnel.”

Melina Cruickshank

Group Director, Content and Audience


“Seeing that Pokémon Go became one of the hottest topics trending on Facebook, we wanted to generate similar user excitement and cultural relevance for realtor.com®. Our thought was while users are out and about driving around catching Pokémon, they can also “catch” their dream home by downloading and using the realtor.com® app. The Brand Networks team did a fantastic job and we were thrilled to have them in our corner on this initiative.”

Genevieve Owyang

Director of Mobile Marketing


"As our Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP), Brand Networks provides our team with peace of mind knowing that we’re creating differentiation with a powerful strategy, flawless execution, and first-class data analysis that helps us maximize our efforts where they matter most.”

Mat Herman

Co-founder & President


“The team at Brand Networks and their software allowed us to inform millions of Facebook users about our cutting-edge technology and the research behind it. This patient awareness is helping Hologic move our whole industry forward.”

Dmitriy Kuzin

Director, Integrated Brand Marketing


“The Brand Networks Platform allowed us to hone in on the new and undiscovered audiences we sought, and to quickly optimize Denim Day’s messaging.”

Guess Europe

“Our Brand Networks Managed Media Services team understands the nuances of our business, and they know how to help us achieve the performance we need to move the needle on our goals.

Meagan Chiamardas

Brand Director