A Refreshed User Interface Enhances Advertising Experiences Inside Iris by Brand Networks

On the heels of introducing Iris by Brand Networks (formerly the Brand Networks Platform), which offers brands and advertisers a cross-channel suite of additive software solutions, Brand Networks is excited to unveil a new User Interface (UI) that unifies the style and aesthetic of the application.

Reducing Friction with Consistent Account Selection

For those familiar with the process required to select an Account in Monitor, our cross-platform monitoring solution, they’ll be pleased to see that the same process is now supported throughout Iris. Of note, the Account selector, which you can see in the image below, is supported by our flagship solutions, Optimize Now and Open Signals, to provide an efficient and intuitive way for users to guide themselves through (potentially) a myriad of accounts for different digital channels.

Condensed, Refocused Navigation

In the fast-paced world of digital where consumers are shopping in increasingly fragmented ways, digital advertising activities, like cross-platform monitoring and optimization, can’t be placed in higher esteem. As Brand Networks’ further commits itself to these digital advertising activities, it also made sense to transform the way we approach navigation inside Iris.

In response, we’ve redesigned the navigation to better align with user workflows and broader company vision. There are now only 4 main navigation items: Monitor, Automate (which houses Optimize Now and Open Signals), Analyze, and Tools. Optimize Now and Open Signals are also now directly accessible via the top navigation, versus having to load Optimize Now first. By giving more prominence and easier access to the tools our users frequent the most, we aim to make navigating Iris simpler and more direct.

Fewer Modals; More Real Estate

To keep the core of Iris at the forefront of the user experience, we’re replaced the previous modal-based workflows, which are prone to suffer from too many UI options/workflows crammed into a small window, with full-screen views. At a high-level, this new approach reduces the cognitive load and visual clutter users currently experience in modal based workflows, while also breaking out of a windowed view to allow for increased real-estate. Similar to modals, these full-screen views sit on top of the user’s current workflow, so no context switching or page reloading is necessary.

Technological Enhancements a Value-Add for Users

In tandem with the release of the refreshed UI, we’ve updated the underlying technology that powers Iris to create an environment that enables us to effectively and efficiently implement new features and capabilities inside Iris, allowing us to respond to user needs in a more agile and effective way. More specifically, as part of an ongoing process of assessing page performance, we’ve made significant improvements to our caching strategy, which will lead to a much faster Iris user experience for all.

While this release focuses on a lot of visible aspects for our users, it’s quite often the fact that most of the changes are happening under the hood without a lot of flashiness. These changes are as important, however, as they may enable new capabilities, expand existing ones, improve user experience, and enhance security.


As more businesses require efficient means to manage their online advertising initiatives, the importance for adtech providers, like Brand Networks, to provide simple straight-forward workflows will continue to grow. To this end, Brand Networks continues to evolve our adtech solutions to meet the needs of today’s ever-evolving digital advertisers.