Pinterest Enhances Promoted Video with Autoplay; Gives You More Options

Today, Pinterest video advertising takes a major step forward with the arrival of Pinterest Promoted Video with autoplay. This exciting new ad format is available now in the Brand Networks Platform.

Since Pinterest began its foray into video advertising, you’d be hard pressed to argue that it’s been anything short of a success. To put this in perspective, a recent Pinterest study found that Pinners are 75% more likely to watch videos about topics that interest them compared to 55% of users on other platforms. In turn, Pinterest users are not only more likely to engage with the videos—they’re more likely to purchase after seeing them. To prove this, a Pinterest ROI study demonstrated that Pinterest’s click-to-play video ad format drove 4X the incremental sales per impression when compared to Cinematic and Standard Pins. It follows that Promoted Videos with autoplay will only witness improved performance.

None of this should be a surprise given what we know about Pinterest’s user base—mainly that it’s comprised of individuals approaching the platform in a discovery-focused mindset. This inherent behavior, paired with the ease of discovery that comes with video consumption, is spurring the widespread adoption and success of video on the platform.

What You Need to Know about Pinterest Promoted Video with Autoplay

As Pinners continue turning to Pinterest with a high level of intent, it’s imperative that you meet this demand with impactful branded experiences. Promoted Video with autoplay is an ideal solution for that. Here’s everything you need to know about Pinterest’s latest innovation.

1. Exclusive Placement with No Distractions

The willingness of Pinterest users to engage with brands has played a large part in Pinterest’s advancement from social darling to digital necessity in many industries. It’s also created an environment where standing out can be a challenge. Promoted Video with autoplay can help overcome this challenge and break through the noise.

Whether users discover your Promoted Videos with autoplay in their Home feeds, Searches or Related Pins, rest assured knowing that your content will be the only branded asset visible to a user on their screen.

What’s more, Promoted Video with autoplay ensures that you’re the only non-static piece of content on the screen. In other words, your content will only be surrounded by Standard Pins, and the motion they exhibit will be sure to draw user’s attention.

This unique placement opportunity not only improves the chance that your target audience sees your ad, but it increases the likelihood that the brand metrics you care about, like cost per view (CPV) or cost per video completion (CPCV), will improve.

2. Optimize in More Powerful Ways

In addition to offering you a podium to deliver your Promoted Video with autoplay from, Pinterest has also made strides to bolster its repertoire of Pinterest Marketing Partners in the Measurement category to help you better understand and optimize your Campaigns.

In June, Pinterest added Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (mDAR) as a Measurement Partner, which affords you a comprehensive view of how your Campaigns perform across mobile devices. Moat is also a relative newcomer, which can prove valuable when measuring the viewability. Combining the above additions with the likes Millward Brown Digital for deeper measurement, and the Oracle Data Cloud for third-party audience targeting, and you’re able to gain a comprehensive and robust understanding of your target audience and how it’s responding to Pinterest’s latest ad type.

Native Reporting: Available Metrics for Promoted Video with Autoplay:

  • MRC Video Views: The number of impressions served for two continuous seconds while at least 50% in view
  • Quartile Watched: The number of times a video is watched to 25%, 50%, 95%, 100% of its length, including watches that skip to this point
  • Completion Rate: Number of 100% completed video watches divided by total impressions
  • Video Average Watch Time: Time spent watching the video including seeks and loops aggregated across all video starts divided by total video starts
  • CPV (cost per MRC view): Total spend divided by total MRC Video Views
  • Standard Metrics: clicks, saves, close-ups

3. Creative Best Practices

The best way to maximize the performance of Pinterest Promoted Videos with autoplay is to make sure you deliver solid creative. This doesn’t have to mean making a huge investment in the video content itself, but it helps to understand the context your content will appear in before you start assembling your creative.

To make sure you’re making the most of this opportunity, here are several best practices to help you build a solid foundation for your creative strategy:

Don’t Wait to Get Your Message Across: With the exception of a few use cases like how-to’s and product demos, Promoted Videos with autoplay should stay between 15 and 30 seconds. Because the window to capture a user’s attention is small, be aggressive with your creative by creating a compelling opening, and making your brand image and message the focal point.

Send a Clear Message with or without Sound: Assuming that your video will play with sound places your Campaign at risk for weak performance. While a compelling visual opening can improve the likelihood users will click on the principle video and activate the sound, your message shouldn’t depend on it. Instead, experiment with other techniques to relay your message.

Leverage Featured Pin Carousels: If you’re buying your media through Pinterest, you can include a Featured Pin carousel beneath your principle video. These collections of 4-6 additional images or videos are an ideal medium to capitalize on the influence of sequential storytelling, or to showcase key products featured in your video creative. It’s also worth noting that any engagement with the carousel is value add and incremental to the video view.


Since its advertising debut two years ago, Pinterest has quickly positioned itself as a powerful way to achieve an array of advertising goals. As Pinterest’s advertising ecosystem matures, anticipate individual components like Promoted Video with autoplay to do the same. The time is now to start wrapping your head around this exciting new Pinterest ad type and start leveraging it to drive your marketing performance.