Pinterest Deepens Direct Response Capabilities With Promoted App Pins

Pinterest today announced that Promoted App Pins are available to all advertisers, enabling the pursuit of mobile app install objectives on the unique, search-plus-social channel. This comes on the heels of a successful run of direct response advertising enhancements in the last 18 months, which saw the platform release robust audience targeting, enable conversion optimization with a unified Pinterest Tag, and expand its addressable geographic regions to include Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Today, Pinterest continues its investment into direct response advertising, which is good news for advertisers in this category given that Pinterest users show strong purchase intent. According to Millward Brown, 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan for or make a purchase. It also gives advertisers another avenue to promote their mobile apps in what has become a saturated environment. To put this in perspective, eMarkter reported the U.S. app-install advertising space spent $5.7B in 2016. With Promoted App Pins, the path from discovery to purchase has extended to include mobile apps installs.

Pinterest Promoted App Pins

“Brand Networks is pleased to be supporting app install campaigns on Pinterest as part of today’s launch,” said E.J. Freni, CRO of Brand Networks. “We know from experience that Pinners approach Pinterest in a mindset of discovery. People use Pinterest to find all kinds of things, and we believe mobile app discovery will be a welcome inclusion in the end-user experience as advertisers adopt this new format.”

Pinterest is reporting strong initial campaign performance from brands ranging from ecommerce and health to wealth and finance including more than 70% of advertisers reaching their install goals using Promoted App Pins. What’s more, Pinterest tests show that mobile app downloads directly on Pinterest have a higher lifetime value. This is because Pinterest users have a plan and when they make a purchase, they’re ready to make the most of it. For advertisers, this means in-app actions, signing up for services and more. Brand Networks is bullish Promoted App Pins will be a good fit for a broad set of brands in an array of verticals.

Before you start testing app install campaigns on Pinterest, keep these things in mind:

1. Targeting capabilities for Promoted App Pins are the same as Pinterest’s other ad types. App install advertisers can currently target Pinners to drive installs for both Android and iOS applications, with full support for targeting segmentation by operating system.

2. Promoted App Pins campaigns are set to optimize toward traffic, sending targeted audiences to the iTunes App Store. However, Pinterest’s auction will be working behind the scenes to show Promoted App Pins to users most likely to install.

3. Promoted App Pin campaigns are only available for cost-per-click campaigns, which means advertisers pay every time someone clicks on an App Pin—not every time an install is recorded.

4. It’s required to select a mobile measurement partner—Adjust, Tune, Apsalar AppsFlyer, or Kochava—to monitor and quantify the value of the App Pins. If working with Adjust, Tune, or Apsalar, tracking URLs are required.

5. When adding Pins to App Install campaigns, the Pins’ source/destination URL must lead to the iTunes App Store with no redirects.


Pinterest’s direct response advertising capabilities have been rapidly expanding since the platform opened itself to advertisers in June of 2015. As Pinterest continues to enhance both its user experience and its advertising capabilities, it’ll remain the primary catalyst for cracking the social commerce code. Pinterest Promoted App Pins are helping Pinterest to take its game to the next level.

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