Here Are Two Reasons Why Pinterest Promoted Video Will Surprise You

You’d be hard pressed to say that digital video wasn’t the biggest advertising catalyst for brands in 2016. If it were nominated for a Grammy, it would be a shoo-in for Best New Artist. In fact, video’s impact on digital has been so significant that we hosted a webinar with Forrester on the topic: Ads in Motion: Why Digital Video is the New Normal. It’s no surprise, then, that Pinterest followed suit by introducing Promoted Video.

Pinterest promoted video

The thing is, after working with Pinterest Promoted Video, we noticed that if you were to line up all current versions of digital video from comparable platforms, it would be clear that Pinterest’s video offering maintains a few differentiators. Here’s what makes Pinterest Promoted Video just a little bit different:

Your Audiences Are More Receptive

Pinterest users’ initial response to Promoted Video has been positive. We’re bullish on the technology, too. So much that we even updated our Pinterest Ad Solution to support it. Here’s why:

Pinterest users have proven intent. How? By searching, discovering, and planning their lives on Pinterest, they’re telling Pinterest and advertisers what they’re looking for. In fact, 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan or make a purchase. For this reason, Pinterest is ideal for bottom-of-the-funnel objectives. In Pinterest’s case, social commerce.

What’s more, two-thirds of people on Pinterest say that video inspires them to take action. So, when you combine the proven intent with increased video consumption,  you’ve hit a goldmine. For advertisers, this is an opportunity to strategically design and implement a strategy based on intent using an advertising tactic audiences are already responding to.

Pro Tip: To help push customers through the funnel, focus on designing Promoted Videos that clearly illustrate your products or services. In other words, make it clear what you’re selling and what it will do for them.

You Get More for Your Money

Now that Promoted Video is live, Pinterest is actively working to provide as much value as possible to you. Instead of just offering the option of paying for views, Pinterest is adding a direct response element to the mix.

Historically, it’s been difficult for social advertisers to tie their social video campaigns directly to new revenue. Pinterest Promoted Video is helping to change that by allowing you to add up to six Pins beneath your Promoted Video. For instance, an auto manufacturer could use a Promoted Video to take users on a tour of a new car, and then use the Pins below to promote accessories and add-ons, effectively shortening the connection between awareness and purchase.

Pro Tip: Use relevant Buyable Pins beneath your videos to reduce the link between awareness and purchase. Since their debut, Buyable Pins have helped brands increase sales and reach new customers. Modern Citizen, a fashion brand for women, increased sales by 73% after using Buyable Pins.


“Over 150 million people around the world come to Pinterest every month to discover ideas to try,” said Pinterest product manager Mike Bidgoli in a recent blog post. “In the last year alone, we’ve seen a 60% increase in videos.”

It’s clear that Pinterest is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the social video space. Its users have also made it clear that their intent to search, discover, and purchase on the world’s catalog of ideas isn’t a fad. There’s never been a better time to get started with Pinterest Promoted Video.

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