Pinterest Seasonal Moments: Boost Your Pinterest Ads This Holiday Season

Pinterest offers Pinners (and advertisers) a blend of inspiration and action ideal for seasonal moments. Pinterest inspires Pinners by meeting them when their intent is high, and drives action by placing visual content revolving around the things that they want to try or buy at the forefront of their platform experience. This unmatched combination grants you with an opportunity to position your products and services in front of Pinterest’s more than 250 million high-intent users.  And there’s no better time to do that than during the holiday season.

Imagine the average Pinner’s thought process during the holiday season: It’s roughly 2-3 months before gift-giving takes place. Pinners search for holiday content across shopping categories, including toys and games, clothing and footwear, and holiday decorations. As the holiday season nears, Pinterest’s features and capabilities help them make smart purchasing decisions.

In this scenario, contextually relevant advertising can help you drive business results. Why? Because Pinners value brands that offer relevant ideas around the seasonal moments they’re planning.

There’s no hiding it—behavior on Pinterest revolves around seasonal moments like the holidays. In turn, you’re pressed to make an opportune advertising investment. Here’s what you need to know:

Go All-In with Your Pinterest Ad Dollars During Seasonal Moments

Pinterest is radically different than social platforms—where others focus on connecting people and sharing real-time status updates, Pinterest builds around the idea of discovering new products and using them to plan for the future.

The opportunity is there. In fact, over 30 million Pinners engaged with upward of 400 million Pins during last year’s holiday season. For the average Pinner, these holiday searches begin at least two months before the general population. With the rapid advancement of Pinterest’s visual discovery tools, like Pinterest Lens, Shop the Look, visual search for Chrome, and visually driven ads, expect these numbers to rise again this year.

Expert Insight: As Pinterest makes the holiday shopping experience so enjoyable for Pinners, you’re presented with a valuable opportunity to take advantage of the increased demand. While your business goals should dictate your advertising budget on Pinterest, an incremental increase of 100% shouldn’t be out of the question.

Dial In Your Seasonal Strategy

It’s important to understand the inherent behavior of Pinners—not only are they searching, but they’re also discovering and buying. In fact, 87% of Pinners purchased something because of the platform.

This notion is especially promising for shopping rushes like the holidays. In 2017, the National Retail Foundation found that consumers plan to spend a total of $967 on average on things like gifts.

With a clear understanding that Pinners are on the platform to search, discover and buy, Pinterest continues to introduce exciting ways to leverage this behavior. For example, Shopping Ads can seamlessly turn your product catalogs into visual and actionable ads capable of helping you scale your advertising across Pinterest.

What’s more, Promoted Pins get people to your content in the right context at the right time. Using Promoted Pins make it seamless for people to learn more about your brand, explore your ideas, and complete purchases.  

Expert Insight: As the holiday season grows near, monitor your key KPIs (most likely CTR and CPC) and identify performant Ad Groups to scale your campaigns.

Focus on High-Value Customers

By now, you’ve weeded out inefficient Ad Groups and an increased budget for top performers. However, facilitating a single purchase isn’t enough. Despite the planning starting early, we know that purchasing happens consistently during the months leading up to the holidays. American shoppers spent $5 billion during Black Friday last year.

The good news is that Pinterest continues to roll out value-added features and capabilities that you can use to drive incremental revenue through the entire holiday season. To do so, Pinterest’s investing in tools to understand user data and behavior, find potential new customers and insert the most relevant content into each user’s feed.

Audience segmentation tools like Visitor Retargeting, Engagement Retargeting, and Customer List Targeting can help you utilize your CRM (customer relationship management) data to reach highly specific audiences identified via email addresses. Similarly, once you’ve identified your most valuable customers, you can use actalike audiences to find and target others like them.

Expert Insight: If you’re undertaking an audience targeting strategy that leverages both search and browse placement, it’s wise to monitor your frequency cap to prevent against exposing the same Pinners to the same message multiple times (unless that’s your goal). If it’s not, consider suppressing entire audiences altogether to negate this possibility.


As the holiday season approaches, don’t discount Pinterest an ideal outlet for your ad dollars. With a high level of intent and proven purchase behavior permeating out of millions of Pinterest, this is a bet you can feel safe making.