Plan Before You Promote: Complimentary Ad Creation Worksheet

We all know the News Feed is a crowded place. Facebook users are being constantly bombarded with posts from friends and advertisers alike. Newborn babies, cute puppies, cheesy dip recipes, buy-one, get-one free sales… how’s a marketer to compete?

Fear not! Breaking through the News Feed clutter can be done, just so long as you have a fully integrated media strategy. While this sounds pretty straight forward, many marketers still struggle to think about ad content with an informed perspective, worrying more about the big picture than smaller details. To avoid this pitfall, marketers should strategically map out every aspect of an upcoming ad campaign, from ad unit copy to targeting tactics. Enter, our Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet, your new go-to guide for creating ads that truly engage and convert your audience. 

While it takes a little more help from the experts to create truly data-integrated, sophisticated ad campaigns, we think this sheet is a great starting point. Give it a shot, and if you want to step your game up even more, feel free to contact us to speak with someone from our team.

Click on the preview below to see and download the full size worksheet.