Introducing Relevance Rank by Brand Networks

Relevance Rank is a proprietary technology that gives social media marketers a definitive way to measure and predict the ongoing performance of their paid and organic content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Think of it like a real-time race day announcer for your post-by-post play-by-play. Each time you create new content or a fresh ad, it joins the social resonance race.

Relevance Rank takes fast, effective performance monitoring to the next level, quantifying the relevance of both paid and unpaid content on a simple, scannable 1-100 scale.

With this new technology, marketers using the Brand Networks Platform will have a performance benchmark to compare the effectiveness and the efficiency of all their content marketing and advertising across of their most important social channels.

How Relevance Rank Works

Relevance Rank is powered by a set of proprietary scoring algorithms, which analyze large sets of data for individual posts. Of course, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are each unique spaces with their own individual dynamics, so these algorithms are channel-specific, taking the context of each channel into account.

Relevance Rank is real-time, too. Ranking and scores change dynamically as new content is published and performance changes across metrics.

More Effective Content Marketing

Brand Networks Platform users focused on content marketing and organic tactics can glean new knowledge from Relevance Rank, gaining a relative view of performance across all of their content and surfacing key insights that will influence future posts and tweets. With RelevanceRank, your content can get better, faster—and better content means improved efficiency when you promote that content, turning it into an ad.

More Efficient Advertising

Social advertisers will find a new ally in Relevance Rank, too. With Relevance Rank, those focused on post and tweet promotion will have an easy time isolating the most relevant organic content to boost, freeing up time to more deeply consider targeting and testing opportunities. Advertisers with more complicated strategies and direct response goals will gain real-time analysis and the ability to make the right decisions on the fly.


Download a PDF preview of Relevance Rank now