Retailers like Zappos are in Love with OptimalKeyword

October 2, 2012 | Dan

Nate Luman (Facebook Marketing Lead at Zappos) talked about our OptimalKeyword audience similarity during this session along with Kia Motors at DigiDay’s Data Marketing Summit. He makes the point that social data is not just for finding new audience for buying ads, but Zappos is using the data aggregated by Optimal’s tools to actually inform the products they promote and talk about on their fan page and in social media.

I’m in love with this tool called OptimalKeyword.”

Here’s the video with the transcript below – we excerpted just the relevant 2 minutes, the full session is here.

And here’s a transcript thereof:

I’m in love with this tool called OptimalKeyword. What they have essentially done is mine the entire Facebook Ads API for different likes and interests. They’re looking for overlap between different likes and interests. So they’ve indexed everything and if you search a like or interest they’re able to tell you similar ones that those fans are also fans of. So if we run a query on Zappos we’re going to find out what our fans also like. So we’ll find out they like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Yoga. But we’ve also found other interesting things that they like: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and they like different shows on the Food Network.

“So we’ve thought “Let’s start talking about those things on the fan page”. Let’s talk about products that are relevant to that. So KitchenAid mixers for example. KitchenAid mixers themselves are pretty iconic and people have connections to experiences they had with parents and grandparents around the kitchen. We use that datapoint we are able to glean from that tool to inform the type of products we want to talk about, and the type of topics we want to talk about on the fan page.

“We also use that tool to discover new audiences to target on Facebook. So if we find that targeting our own fans is effective, which it is: we see our highest ROIs on our ads that target our own fans. How can we find people that are similar to our fans but aren’t our fans? We want to look for new customers on Facebook. We’ve used that tool to do that as well. So we are targeting the same likes and interests that are informing the content on our fan page, we also target them with ads and expand our audience base to see if we can’t find people who are similar to the Zappos customer, maybe fit their similar demographic profile based on what they like on Facebook.”

Zappos also has been talking about the overall 350% ROI success they’ve been getting with Facebook ads, again mentioning OptimalKeyword.

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