Iris by Brand Networks

Discover the first and only Al-based system that helps social advertising teams work better, faster, and smarter.

Virtual Assistance for Winning Social Advertising Teams

Meet Iris by Brand Networks

New for 2018, Iris by Brand Networks is the only multi-channel social advertising system designed to help paid social teams focus on adding strategic value. Featuring an AI engine that manages live campaigns on all the channels that matter to your business, Iris assists analysts and whole teams in the pursuit of optimal performance and insights.

Artificial Intelligence

Apply Assistive Optimization Technology.

Set Investment Strategy: Favor delivery, favor cost efficiency, or balance both evenly.

Configure Multiple Goals: Achieve optimal results for many KPIs in a single campaign.

Save Time: Drive Performance: Maximize ROI and time savings with proven, additive technology.

Meet Our Game-Changing AI

Powerful Automation

Set Rules to Enhance Control and Performance.

Auto Promote: Configure rules to automatically boost organic posts based on engagement.

Synchronize: Trigger ad changes based on real-world events like the weather.

Auto Shutoff: Set up safety valves to ensure campaigns are paused when they should be.

Meet Our Award-Winning Rules Engine

Analytics and Monitoring

Increase Insights and Accelerate Growth.

Cross-Platform Monitoring: Review pacing and performance everywhere. Take action quickly.

Clickless Reporting: Schedule emailed campaign summaries combining ad accounts.

Customizable Dashboards: Share branded dashboards to showcase performance and learnings.

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SaaS Training and Licensed User Onboarding

Step-by-Step, You’ll Succeed: The Brand Networks Platform Enablement organization has trained some of the best teams in social advertising. Get trained on Iris by Brand Networks by experienced ad pros who are passionate about teaching, and who never lose sight of your big-picture goals.

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"Large scale social ad campaigns are an everyday occurrence at GroupM. As a result, we are on the lookout for high-quality tools and differentiated technology to maximize the impact we are able to deliver. Brand Networks has been an excellent partner and adtech provider, and we are excited to see what's next for them."

Heather Green

Head of Social Media