Securely share and monetize audiences to build and grow your first-party data capabilities across social platforms.

Enable your trusted partners to browse and activate pre-built, high-value audiences with full transparency into usage reports and billing for a seamless data sharing experience.

Data protection and security measures

Share your high-converting audiences safely through the private marketplace and allow your partners to activate across social channels while maintaining visibility over your data.

Transparent reporting and billing

Audience owners can set their default pricing model and tailor it based on their partnership agreements, giving both partners usage and billing transparency.

Increase efficiencies and measure results

Eliminate overlapping data with the Audience Compare feature and assess the value of your data with detailed analytics and generated reports.

Feature 1

Aggregate your data in the audience library

Import data from CSVs or your CRM, create new audiences from the pages you manage or pull data from social channels directly to build your library of curated audiences.

Feature 2

View audiences in a simple, integrated dashboard

Review, manage, and share your audiences in a unified dashboard, and accept and assign audiences your partners have shared with you. You can also apply tags to filter specific insights quickly.

Feature 3

End-to-end processes in the platform

Allow partners to browse your high-converting audiences in the private marketplace and manage all approval workflows, billing, and usage metrics directly on the platform.

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