Create authentic relationships with consumers and give your employees the tools they need to become trusted brand advocates.

Designed to help enterprises manage and scale employee advocacy programs and tap into the power of employee-brand influencers, authentic content, and local audience reach.

Built for multi-location brands

Creator Communities is for brands with broad presences, ranging from hundreds to thousands of locations that want to share more authentic, locally relevant content to strengthen consumer-brand relationships.

Brand safety tools

Real people are the key to authentic relationships and increasing brand loyalty. Creator Communities provides the tools to leverage genuine, employee-generated content while ensuring brand safety.

Custom enterprise integrations

We’ve built Creator Communities with enterprise needs in mind and can customize your application to securely integrate with corporate systems and requirements.

A collaborative partnership

We provide more than just the technology. Our dedicated solutions enablement team is here to work with you on strategies that drive adoption and set the stage for success.

Feature 1

Intuitive app and creator-centric design

The mobile-native app provides faster performance speeds, BYOD administration, advanced security features, and scalable compensation capabilities with PayPal integration.

Feature 2

Create unique projects and challenges

Tailor projects based on organizational goals like product announcements, seasonal offerings, or employee recognition. Creators will be notified automatically when new projects are ready for participation.

Feature 3

Built-in reporting and gamification

See what’s gaining traction and what isn’t with your creators and audiences. And gamification features allow creators to track their performance against others and earn badges along the way.

Case Studies

We shape our solutions to meet your goals. Check out what we’ve built for our clients.

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