Enterprise Tech

Our services derive from our engineering roots, and we continue to sit on the leading edge of social technology innovation.

We’ve spent over a decade creating and reimagining social technology to help brands advance and optimize their web and social media initiatives.

Scalable solutions delivered by our in-house tech experts that work for you

In-house social tech and engineering expertise

We reimagine social solutions with next-gen technologies led by our in-house, Rochester, NY-based engineering team made up of solutions architects, data scientists, software engineers, test engineers, and agile project managers.

Accelerated builds with established tech stacks

By leveraging our proprietary technologies, pre-existing social tech stacks, and agile methodologies, our expert software engineers are ready to get your initiatives to market faster.

Your tech partner every step of the way

Whether you need a white-labeled product, application-specific integration, or a standalone solution, we work in partnership with you, end-to-end, to create technology that fits your needs.

Growing with an innovation-focused mindset

We built our proprietary technologies from the ground up and spent over a decade advancing to always be at the forefront of innovation.

Case Studies

Our transformative social technologies drive business growth. Check out what we’ve built for our clients.

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