Automation and optimization for social media advertising

Our rules-based engine is an industry-leading, proprietary technology that intelligently works across multiple social channels, automating tasks and optimizing your ROI.

Your media team’s AI-powered assistant

Open Signals

Effortlessly auto-promote organic posts or synchronize ads with real-time events like sports, weather, and live TV events. React to any first or third-party data sources using rules-based automation.

Cross-Platform Optimization

Streamline multi-channel social campaigns with optimization technology that puts ROI front and center. Optimize your campaign budgets across channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok.

Optimize Now

Eliminate manual efforts with AI-driven features that read and react to real-time campaign performance, with the ability to optimize toward custom KPIs not available in native channels.

Time + Resources

With our automated technology, your team can save hours of time on each campaign by minimizing tedious and repetitive tasks. Campaign management becomes less time-consuming, and your processes become more efficient.

Campaign Safety

Enable account-level safety net rules to prevent spend errors, activate non-linear campaign pacing, and enforce impression, spend, or metric capping.

Tailored Optimizations

Results-based optimization technologies go beyond what you can accomplish in siloed social platforms. Create custom rules and KPIs to drive performance in one platform or create overarching rules that optimize and drive efficiencies across all social platforms at once.

Bespoke + Custom

Our technology solutions are designed to help meet your goals and KPIs. Our team will work with you to design rules and strategies that will work for your custom use case.

The intersection of people + technology

By collaborating with AI, we bring together the benefits of human and machine learning, combining a human’s creative and strategic elements with the data-crunching power of AI. 

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