Walmart Spotlight Sponsorships

Create new connections, tailor your message for local audiences, and leverage authentic content with the world’s largest employee influencer network.

Reach your Walmart customers locally and work with experienced associate brand ambassadors. Brand Networks is Walmart’s exclusive partner for bringing social sponsorships to market.

The world’s largest employee influencer network

Thousands of experienced Walmart associates and all 4,700 U.S. stores participate in the Spotlight program to help reinforce your brand’s connection with your customers and drive sales to lift.

Tailored campaign support

Our dedicated enablement team is here to work with you on campaign strategies aligned with your business objectives and help you create original, engaging content.

Reach local, relevant audiences

With local promotion and tailored messaging, your campaigns reach the most relevant audiences strengthening your consumer-brand connections, increasing brand awareness, and driving sales to lift with your Walmart shoppers.

Feature 1

Brand safety training and support

Extensive social media training is given to all associate brand ambassadors and brand safety is maintained through the application’s automated systems.

Feature 2

Create and share hundreds of pieces of organic content

Create content guidelines, specify the products to be featured, and set the submission process to begin sharing your authentic content across social platforms.

Feature 3

Automation tools to help amplify your message

Rules-based automation allows you to boost eligible organic content to extend your audience reach and optimize your campaign goals.


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