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A Guide to Summer Advertising on Facebook

Summer officially kicked off last Saturday. With school out and the weather warming, your consumers are likely changing behavior from the other 9 months of the year — are they traveling… Read More

Facebook: Why Page Likes Still Matter

There’s been a lot of chatter over Facebook’s latest blog post, which addresses the declining organic reach of Facebook Pages. Having worked with Facebook advertisers for years, we at SHIFT want to provide our take on the reasoning behind Facebook’s decision, and show you why Page Likes really do still matter.Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. At its core, this means giving its 1.3 billion monthly active users access to everything going on that’s important to them. With Facebook, brands have an incredible opportunity to reach a specific and real audience in a meaningful way, but Facebook’s #1 priority is providing a great experience for its users. That means people, not brands. Constantly trying to “improve the News Feed experience for people” is one way of doing that. Another way Facebook is enhancing that experience is by showing people more relevant ads from brands and Pages that they’ve already expressed an interest in. Read More

Using the Traditional Marketing Funnel to Form Your Facebook Strategy

    Facebook advertising is objective-based and goal-driven, with ad units and placements to match just about any marketing goal. Think of it like a (slightly tweaked) early iPhone commercial - “There’s an ad for that”.   Want to build your brand’s presence? Drive app installs? Boost sales? Increase engagement? There’s an ad for that.   While this objective-based advertising approach seems outwardly simple, many marketers still wrestle with which ad type they should be using and when. For example, do you acquire fans then promote a sale, or promote a sale and hope brand loyalty will follow?   Read More

Nine Tips to Take Your Facebook Ads to the Next Level

    At any given moment, thousands of ad campaigns are running on Facebook, and while the platform boasts a potential audience of 1.28 billion users, the competition to rise above the clutter of the feed has never been more fierce.   Ask yourself, is my ad as engaging as a picture of my users' best friends puppy? Is it as relevant as a story from their local news station? Is it as enticing as a link to a cookie recipe their co-worker just posted? If you answered no to any of the above, fear not. We’re here to help. Creating the perfect ad campaign is an art and a science that hinges on both  Read More

Facebook Advertising: An Art and Science

    As Facebook continues to evolve, so do the opportunities afforded by social media marketing. Increasingly abundant advertising options and more intricate technical capabilities allow advertisers to find, engage and convert valuable consumers across devices, in real-time.      While these constant improvements to Facebook's Ads API have helped advertisers reach audiences, drive actions, and measure results, they have also created the need for more informed media teams and increasingly sophisticated software.   In an increasingly crowded social space, it’s brands who can leverage both of the Read More

Tune into Second Screen Engagement with Facebook Data

    This week, Facebook unveiled an innovative new mobile feature to enhance status updates. The opt-in feature utilizes a phone's built-in microphone to identify which shows, movies, or music a person is watching or listening to. Information used to identify a match is not stored, but is used to tag the media and share it to Facebook, which friends can then visit the page for or listen to a 30-second preview of.   While this feature in and of itself is noteworthy, the larger picture here is the emphasis that Facebook continues to place on mobile and TV integrated innovation. Studies have alre Read More