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Facebook Launches Audience Network, Beta Campaigns Drive 34% Lift in App Installs, 48% Lower Cost Per Install

Facebook Launched Audience NetworkEarly Results: 34% lift in app installs & a 48% reduction in the cost per install. On Tuesday, Facebook announced the wide availability of the Audience Network, after having tested it with various advertisers since this past April – SHIFT provided an overview of the initial announcement. Advertisers that weren’t able to take part during that test period now have the ability to extend campaigns beyond Facebook and into 3rd party mobile apps. They can do this while using the same creative, targeting, and analytics they are accustomed to on Facebook. This presents a massive opportunity for advertisers. They can increase mobile reach – where 44% of consumer’s daily screen time is spent – and be seen by highly targeted users in environments that were previously unavailable. Did we mention that advertisers can do this by the simple click of a button? That’s right, any app install, app engagement, or link ads that are created in Facebook can be used across Facebook’s Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Right Hand Side, and now within the Audience Network. Read More

A Guide to Summer Advertising on Facebook

Summer officially kicked off last Saturday. With school out and the weather warming, your consumers are likely changing behavior from the other 9 months of the year — are they traveling more? Going out more? Spending more? Likely all of the above. Following these changes in behavior, the way in which people consume content changes in the summer months as well. People are on-the-go, at the beach, outside, with family and friends, etc. As a result they are not in front of their computers or TVs nearly as much, making them harder for you to reach as a marketer.The biggest shift you will have to make to keep pace with these changes is adopting a mobile specific strategy. Mobile devices are the one means of connection that people always keep on hand, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Social channels like Facebook and Twitter are still a great way to reach your audience, because people use these platforms to connect with friends, post vacation pics, find a restaurant, etc. Facebook is especially known for maintaining consistent reach and engagement on mobile throughout the summer months. Facebook’s daily active users (DAU) in the US on mobile has reached a staggering 114 million, which is over a third of the total population. Read More