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Despite the initial success of Amazon Advertising, the online giant is adding more firepower. This time with Product Audiences, which add a layer of targeting customization you can use to target audiences based on what they’re browsing and buying on Amazon.

What Are Amazon Product Audiences?

From a high level, Amazon Product Audiences let you build audiences based on shopping interactions with your brand’s products or related products sold on as well as from existing data sources.

  • Searches: Create Product Audiences based on keywords related to your products or keywords related to similar or complementary products.
  • Views: Create Product Audiences based on views of your brand’s product detail page, of views of detail pages of related products, or detail page views of products determined to be similar to your products using machine learning.
  • Purchases: Create Product Audiences based on purchases of your brand’s products as well as related or complementary products.

Like other targeting capabilities, Amazon custom audiences can be used to directly reach audiences, exclude audiences from seeing your ads or combined with other Amazon audiences to drive greater relevance across the shopping journey.

What Do Amazon Product Audiences Look Like across the Shopping Journey?

Amazon continues to push the envelope of what “full-funnel advertising” means. With hyper-focused targeting parameters, you already have a host of ways to reach your target audience, no matter which stage of the shopping journey they’re in. Amazon Product Audiences are no different.

  • Awareness: With nearly half of US internet users starting products searches on Amazon, it certainly understands the importance of brand awareness. So, to influence consumers during the onset of their shopping journey, craft your Product Audience to target consumers who searched for keywords related to your products or viewed/ purchased your products or ones deemed similar.
  • Customer Acquisition: You already know that you won’t reach your full potential if you can’t scale and reach consumers outside of your immediate purview. To be successful on Amazon (and elsewhere), you need to reach as many consumers as possible—even if they don’t know you yet. So, if your focus is customer acquisition, create Product Audiences who viewed your products’ detail pages or products deemed similar based on machine learning. To conserve budget and avoid wasted impressions, you could exclude those who already purchased one of your products.
  • Consideration: With over a million businesses selling over 10 million products—nearly 50% of US ecommerce sales—Amazon can be a double-edged sword: you know it’s a necessity to build your presence there, but you also know it’s saturated to a point that standing out can be a challenge. Luckily, Custom Audiences that focus on consideration can help. If consideration is your objective, tailor your audience to reach consumers that searched for products using related keywords, that purchased similar or complementary products or viewed detail pages of products that are similar to yours.
  • Purchase: If there’s one element of Amazon that sticks out, it’s the purchasing power of Amazon shoppers. When we look at just Amazon Prime members—a group that exceeds 100 million—we see that the average Prime member spends an average of $1,400 a year worth of products on For any brand, that’s great; however, the more pressing question is how do you get consumers to buy from you and not your competitor? With Product Audiences focused on purchases, you can improve the likelihood that your products shine brighter than the rest. In these scenarios, use them to remarket to those who previously viewed detail pages of your products or similar products.

Amazon already has plenty of selling points to attract your ad spend. However, in an advertising ecosystem with so much competition, it knows it much continuously improve and enhance its offering to appeal on greater levels and offer capabilities already mainstays in other environments. In its latest move for widespread appeal, Amazon launched Product Audiences and upped its game. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for you to up your Amazon Advertising game as well.

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