3 Ways to Take Your Digital Advertising Strategy to the Next Level

The internet is packed with ads. Between the devaluation of organic content, the demise of third-party cookies, and regulations like GDPR and CCPA, paid advertising has become a necessity for brands. There’s no getting around this. There’s also no getting around the fact that consumers are fed up with them to the point that some are avoiding them altogether. Understandably, advertisers are scrambling, asking themselves how they can break through and make consumers happy. That’s the right question. The right answer revolves around creating meaningful experiences that break away from the foundation of mainstream advertising. Here are three ways to do that: 

Explore Up-and-Coming Advertising Ecosystems 

There are many reasons consumers’ sentiment toward digital ads continues its downward trend. Chief among them, however, is ad load, especially on major players like Facebook and Google. While this makes sense given their robust and proven advertising capabilities, the sheer amount of ads has created a crowded ecosystem that’s increasingly hard to stand out in.

This isn’t to say advertisers should diminish the roles of Facebook and Google—they will always be a pillar; however, the reality is that they should no longer rely only on them. As more advertisers flock to the likes of Facebook and Google, forward-thinking ones will begin to allocate more to up-and-coming ecosystems, like TikTok, Amazon OTT, and IMDb TV, to delight consumers in new ways. As time goes on, diversification will be paramount. 

Adopt a Cross-Channel Targeting Strategy

If ad load is at the core of consumers’ frustration, annoyance is next on the list. This was bound to happen after years of rogue advertising built on careless targeting strategies that failed to keep up with the modern consumer. At the end of the day, advertisers who’ve failed to evolve are doing nothing but alienating consumers with disconnected, non-relevant ads that don’t provide value. 

Instead, advertisers must turn to a cross-channel targeting strategy built on the premise of telling a compelling, sequential, and cohesive story across channels and devices, tailored to the consumers’ interests and stage of the journey. In today’s ultra-competitive world where everyone wants attention, this is an opportunity no advertiser can miss. 

Invest in Innovative Ad Formats

There’s more to consumers’ frustration than volume or their (sometimes) annoying nature. The fact that most ads look the same has something to do with it, too. Sure, this may not be tied directly to the frustration as ad load and annoyance, but advertisers would be remiss to not consider creative’s role. Think about it: how many ads look and feel the same? How many are built on the same foundation using the same ad types? A quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram will reiterate that point. If consumers don’t think advertisers are spending the time to delight them in new ways, why would they take the time and invest in the brand? More often than not, they won’t. 

To reverse the trend and grab consumers’ attention, advertisers must think outside of the traditional creative box and invest in more innovative capabilities that tap into the latest technology—think augmented reality and playables. These ad formats, while still nascent in their evolution, are already giving savvy advertisers a way to emerge from the pack and more effectively engage with consumers.


Winning in the digital world is tough. Between a rapidly evolving ecosystem, constantly evolving consumer behaviors, and rampant digital sameness, it’s no surprise that advertisers are scrambling to find ways to stay ahead. While there are many ways to do that, being open to new advertising ecosystems, targeting strategies, and ad formats is a great way to do that. In an ultra-competitive world where every brand is playing a high-stakes game of follow the leader, those willing to veer off the beaten path will reap the benefits in the long run. 

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