Twitter’s Redesign – What Does it Mean for Brands?

You’re not the only one updating your spring wardrobe. Today, Twitter announced that they would be widely rolling out a new look in the form of updated profile pages. While Twitter has been traditionally considered a mobile-first platform, this shift in page design could hint at a larger strategic move to migrate users over to desktop. Only time will tell if desktop usage increases, but regardless, brands should be ready to make the most of these aesthetic updates.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tweets – Images continue to gain prominence with the new design, as headers and profile pictures are both moving up in size. That header that was once an afterthought? It now has to deliver a strong, branded message. Choose your header image wisely, as it will appear not only on your profile, but also in any list where your handle is shown.

Big Time Engagement – With the new design it’s easier than ever to see which posts have the most engagement, as those with more favorites and retweets now appear larger on your page. The benefit for brands? Now your engagement is more self-serving than ever. Use Promoted Tweets to increase the engagement for a post and it will forever remain more eye-catching on your page.

Pin it Like You Mean It – Taking a page out of Facebook’s… well… book, Twitter now offers users the ability to pin a tweet to the top of their profile. As a brand this is a new and exciting way to make sure your most valuable content is seen. Instead of being lost forever in a quick-moving stream of Tweets, organic messages that are of value to you now have a permanent and prominent place to live.

Your List is my Command – As mentioned above, lists are much more visual than ever before, displaying users in a Pinterest-like layout that highlights profile pictures, headers, and bios. This new layout, while a bit visually overwhelming, makes it easier for people to discover and follow new users. As a brand, this again is where eye-catching imagery will come into play. Grab the attention of potential followers with a description, header, and profile picture that tell a succinct but compelling story about who you are (and why people should follow you).

Updates Get In Line – Similar to the stories generated on Facebook when a user follows a brand page, or becomes friends with another person, Twitter now displays “followed” stories in-line with users’ Tweets. As a brand, this means even more exposure for you, whenever you gain a new follower. Our prediction: these stories will soon become promotable content for brands to leverage.


It’s no surprise that Twitter is continuing to innovate. As marketers it’s our job to quickly identify these changes and adapt to make them work for the brands we serve. Start rethinking the visuals you’re using, and the tweets you’re promoting – they’re about to get a lot more attention.




*Images courtesy of Twitter and John Legend