White Paper: Data-In and Data-Out Drive Success on Social



Marketers are becoming increasingly reliant on Social Relationship Platforms (SRPs), and it’s not hard to understand why. These tools allow users to streamline workflows, letting them manage a variety of aspects surrounding content and media by integrating with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a variety of other social channels.


While these platforms are growing in popularity, many marketers are still left wondering if they’re really worth the investment. Do these platforms really help inform strategy? Can they produce actionable information for future campaigns? For many, the answer is no. 


Luckily, a select set of SRPs is emerging, truly providing users with value beyond basic management capabilities. Touted by researchers, these platforms are reducing workloads for marketers, while simultaneously maximizing output both on and off-line.


How is this being accomplished? The answer lies in their unique approach to data-integration. Learn how it’s being done, and why it’s so effective, in our white paper below: