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Visit Florida

Brand Networks worked with VISIT FLORIDA to automatically boost high-performing social content and increase user engagement by more than 5%.

Brand Networks’ paid media experts leveraged its auto-promote technology to boost the client’s organic Facebook and Instagram content for their Florida resident community: LoveFL.


The team’s experience with manually boosting organic content for the client helped identify the opportunity to further streamline processes and increase user engagement by using their rules-based automation technology for the LoveFL campaign.


The client wanted to make sure that the content was consistent across all platforms, keeping Instagram photos on Instagram and Facebook posts on Facebook. The team configured the auto-promote tool to identify and boost organic content within multiple platforms, all while utilizing the same overarching campaign budget. Each placement performed differently based on historical data.


The rules included pre-identified engagement rate thresholds, hashtag-specific message inclusions, and multiple messaging exclusions, providing deeper control to determine promotion-eligible content. Engagement rates for the auto-promoted posts soared compared to posts that were manually selected by more than 3% in the first month and 5% in the second month.


engagement rate in month one, a 3.56% increase


engagement rate in month two, a 5.63% increase

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