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Our History

From Inception to the Top Social Marketing Agency in the World

For two decades, BN has defined the social landscape through technology innovation. Today, our social activation engine connects brands with more than 4.8 billion social users worldwide.


  1. 2022

    Achieved the first-ever external integration with TikTok for mobile applications.

  2. 2021

    Pioneered the concept of media polls with Twitter, creating a tool that allowed Twitter advertisers to easily create media polls and conversation cards in a simple and scalable manner without relying on third parties.

  3. 2017

    Created the foundation for Snapchat's ads platform based on our best-in-class media management tools.

  4. 2015

    Unveiled the first full end-to-end media management and optimization capability for Pinterest.

  5. 2013

    Became the first to implement Dynamic Product Advertising (DPA) on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, marking a significant milestone in tech integration and dynamic product advertising.

    Initiated the launch of Adtech and received the Facebook Innovation Award for Open Signals, establishing a multi-year track record as a Facebook innovation winner.

    Successfully launched "FB/AMEX Small Business Saturday," an initiative aimed at supporting small businesses through social integration.

  6. 2012

    Embarked on the "Open Forum" project, aiming to create a social network for small business owners by leveraging LinkedIn as a source for interests and individuals with specific titles. The goal was to build a community of Small Business Owners (SBO) with AMEX small business cards, complemented by the involvement of professional advisors.

    Launched "Link-Like-Love," a major consumer-facing platform in collaboration with American Express (AMEX). This platform utilized cardholders' data, social media activities and interests to provide informed recommendations, introducing a recommendation engine driven by personalization based on consumers' social media usage. It marked one of the earliest instances of social personalization in the market.

  7. 2011

    Introduced the first platform enabling employees to create content on behalf of brands at the local level, including store pages for store managers and associates.

  8. 2010

    Introduced the first live social viewing experience for PBS on Earth Day for their American Experiences. The live viewing event allowed anyone to ask questions in real-time, and the director of the movie responded to all the questions.

    Pioneered one of the first significant social integrations for hotels.com, alongside other pioneering initiatives like Mastercard.

  9. 2009

    Pioneered the role of becoming the first external partner to initiate integrations on top of Facebook, laying the foundation for the platform's initial organic API infrastructure. This infrastructure allowed brands to seamlessly integrate with the Facebook platform.

  10. 2008

    Achieved integration with Monster.com, enabling profile scanning and job recommendations, resulting in the development of a personalized job recommendation engine.

  11. 2007

    Established the first-ever community platform, a private label designed for brands to engage with their most dedicated fans, creating a standalone social media network. This development featured a unique feed, leading to the platform being named "brand networks," emphasizing its role as a social network tailored for brands.

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We empower top organizations worldwide to deliver unrivaled brand experiences that strengthen connections through our authentic and scalable solutions in brand advocacy, advertising optimization and data collaboration.

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We embody the values of innovation and lead with integrity and intentionality. Through our collective commitment to social responsibility, we deliver exceptional value for our clients and partners—strengthened by our ethical foundation.

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