Data Collaboration

Revolutionizing data monetization through clean room technology

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Privacy-first Audience Sharing

Deliver More Personalized Consumer Experiences

Valuable audience data sets drive transformative brand experiences across the leading social platforms through our secure and compliant clean room technologies. We enable data providers, agencies and brands to share and monetize first-party data—activating diverse audiences worldwide while maximizing data privacy and control.

Audience Insights

Robust Data Management

Visualize, categorize and filter your audience data sets based on brand, type and availability to gain actionable insights fueled by comprehensive analytics and intuitive dashboards.

Audience Building

Streamline the buying experience

Monetized audience exchange

Enable trusted partners to access valuable first-party data segments that advance the creation and implementation of precision-targeted and more personalized consumer experiences.

Multisegmented privacy controls

Limit access to your valuable brand-safe data to ensure optimal safety, security and compliance while retaining full control over the data and how it is leveraged by your collaborators.

Maximum Audience ROI

Transparent Budget Management

Empower first-party data owners to determine, set and tailor default pricing models based on individualized partnership agreements rooted in mutual transparency and compliance.

Frequently asked questions

What is data collaboration?

Data collaboration refers to the process of sharing and monetizing valuable audience data sets through secure and compliant technologies, such as clean rooms. This collaborative approach allows data providers, agencies, and brands to work together to activate diverse audiences while ensuring data privacy and control. It enables the creation of more personalized consumer experiences by leveraging first-party data effectively.

What are the benefits of audience monetization?

The Audience Library serves as a secure platform for visualizing and categorizing consolidated audience data from various sources. It allows data providers, agencies, and brands to maintain control over their data, access unique 1st party data, and categorize audiences efficiently based on brand, type, availability, or custom tags.

What are the safety measures in place for compliance and privacy?

Our platform offers several safety measures to ensure compliance and data privacy:

  • Robust Data Management:
    The system provides tools to visualize, categorize, and filter audience data based on brand, type, and availability. This allows for comprehensive analytics and insights while maintaining data quality and integrity.
  • Monetized Audience Exchange:
    Trusted partners can access valuable first-party data segments, promoting precision-targeting while maintaining compliance.
  • Multi-segmented Privacy Controls:
    Access to brand-safe data is limited to ensure optimal safety, security, and compliance. This means that you have control over who can access the data and how it's utilized.
  • Transparent Budget Management:
    First-party data owners can set and tailor pricing models based on partnership agreements, ensuring mutual transparency and compliance. This transparency helps in maintaining trust and data privacy.
What channels does the Data Collaboration support?

We're currently compatible with Meta, X, Snapchat and Pinterest, and we'll be introducing TikTok and LinkedIn support soon.


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