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Transforming brand enthusiasts into passionate brand advocates

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Amplify your global influence with hyper-localized, authentic content creation at scale

Brand Advocate is the dynamic, AI-powered social solution that empowers enthusiasts to generate brand-safe content on your behalf. Our intuitive platform technology makes it easy for advocates to channel their passion—amplifying your message across hyper-local and national communities through the leading social platforms.

Authentic brand advocacy

Provide brand advocates with pre-approved content and messaging to drive more personal consumer connections in accordance with your brand image.

Hyper-local audience reach

Generate relevant, precision-targeted content for hyper-local audiences to activate consumers through engaging experiences that maximize your ROI.

AI powered brand-safety tools

Automate brand safety and reputation management through advanced AI technologies that scan and flag any content that violates your brand guidelines.

Gamified content experiences

Incentivize brand advocates and content creators with actionable goals and gamified experiences through our intuitive mobile app and content hub.

Data centric

Our platform empowers brand advocates to effortlessly monitor the performance of their social posts on a real-time basis, while also providing a convenient way to stay updated on the internal team's status.

BN Guard

Safeguard your brand across the leading social platforms with our automated content review system. Powered by advanced AI integrations that deliver real-time protection, bnGuard prevents the release of restricted content while ensuring comprehensive regulatory compliance.

Grow your community

Initiate your program with your trusted advocates and gradually expand from your group of champions. Our platform supports multiple user roles, offering varying levels of creative freedom to accommodate individual preferences.

Centralize content creation

Empower your trusted brand ambassadors with a comprehensive suite of virtual content creation tools, including diverse templates, pre-made content, AI-generated content strategy recommendations—and access to advanced freeform content-creation capabilities.

Educate your advocates

Promote ongoing learning with gamified training modules that enable advocates to unlock new content features and capabilities while expanding their knowledge. Onsite training by our social experts reinforces continued education to enhance content quality and brand protection.

Seamless content approval

Streamline your content publishing approval process through our intuitive platform technology—or seamlessly integrate approvals into your existing workflows and compliance systems to maintain the highest standards of efficiency, productivity and brand safety.

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